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EZE Breeze and HVAC

August 22, 2017

We are converting a screened in porch to a sunroom. It has tile floors and we will insulate the existing ceiling. We are trying to decide if we should spend $10,000 on windows, or $4,500 on EZE Breeze. I am reading different opinions on whether or not EZE Breeze windows hold heat and air efficiently. Does anyone have any experience or advice regarding this? Thanks.

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  • havingfun

    i assume ezebreeze is one of the plastic things? just remember most of those are tiedowns. other than that, a local news show just told us that even though you might have new windows, you can either double pane or buy window film to reduce cold and heat. that window film cuts outside conduction to inside by over 50% if installed correctly. hope it helps.

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  • btoddgreene

    Thanks for the feedback. EZE Breeze is a vinyl window product (vs glass) that has the appearance of windows, but is lighter, cheaper and bendable. Just curious if they will hold heat and air from an HVAC unit as well as glass (or at all). http://pgtezebreeze.com

  • annied75
    Hi -- we have this at our cottage. It's great since you can open the windows & have full screens to maximize the breeze off of the lake. Unfortunately, the window panels aren't insulated for air conditioning & heat. If you use it for a family event, then it would be fine for one day. However, heating or air conditioning the area year-round would be a waste of money. It's basically the same concept/use of a 3-season room.
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  • btoddgreene

    Got it. Thanks for the feedback and insight, Annie.

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