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My fushia is growing deformed

August 28, 2017

Hi! We've had this fushia in our garden for thirty years and it's olways been prolific until last year. After it's first flowering, it started growing deformed. We cut it down for winter, and it started growing like normal in spring. It flowered fine at first, but now it's growing deformed again. The flowers are not growing right, and the ends of all the branches are forming hard deformed growths. Twenty years ago we took a cutting from this one and planted it next to it, and that one seems uneffected and is completely normal. The growths are hard, and heavy and taking over the plant. I've taken some photos. Hopefully someone out there will have an idea what's going on! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Your photos do not load for me. Try using the photo icons below the comments box to post the photos directly to the thread. It is much easier to get input that way as well when the photos appear as part of the thread rather than being directed to a photo hosting site.

  • stupid_little_genius

    Oops... sorry!! Here's the photos again! Thanks for the help!!

  • stupid_little_genius thanked gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)
  • stupid_little_genius

    That does look pretty close to it. Thanks. ive never heard of it before! Considering that he's been growing unchecked for over thirty years, I guess he's done well not to get it before now! Thanks so much for the help!

  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    Looks like Mrs Popple, so she rather than he.

  • stupid_little_genius

    Lol, nope. Mrs Popple is in the back garden, and is so far uneffected. She has a purple coloured skirt. The one in the front is pink on pink! So he's a he until he is identified!

    Although with the little skirts, they do look sort of feminine. When I was a kid I thought the plant grew little dresses for fairies I was convinced they would come in the night and take the best to wear!

    Any idea what he is?

  • floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

    OK, I thought I was seeing darker skirts.

  • ianbrazil

    Your plant is thirty years old? You have really done very well. Like all of us ageing means more prone to disease! Time to get a new one... I wouldn't take a cutting off a plant this old.

  • punchcardgardener PNW 8a

    I'd guess Fuchsia Phyllis. One unique thing about Phyllis is that some of its flowers will produce up to 7 sepals (mine has a couple with 5 right now) instead of the usual 4 so you might be able to confirm it from that. https://otherfellow.co.uk/hardy-fuchsias-k-to-z/phyllis

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