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Need Help Decorating Unused Woodstove Hearth

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I am helping my friend refurnish her basement apartment and it is going well thus far, however, we have come across a major problem that we need some help with. The basement is complete with an old wood-stove hearth that cannot be used because the chimney part of the stove is broken and she is not allowed to get rid of it. It is against a brick wall, and at the moment is an eyesore with a lot of potential to be a unique feature of the apartment. We want to get creative and turn it into something fun, or give it another purpose, but we don't know how to go about it. Does anybody have any idea's for what we could do to spruce up this old unique eyesore?

Ps. It is similar (less pretty) to the stove in this picture... courtesy of Pintrest

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