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Exterior Light- please vote

_ Holland_
September 29, 2017

We are considering adding new lights to exterior, that are more prominent. There are (3) exterior lights (note - one next to service door on side).

What do you think of these?

Option 1: 15" tall, white (opalescent) glass:

Option 2: 15" tall, etched seedy glass

option 1 - white opalescent glass
option 2 - etched, seedy glass
option 3 - other (please suggest)

Comments (10)

  • PRO
    Attaway Homes

    The 2nd choice matches the style of your home - the first one looks too modern and your home has more of a classic feel.

    _ Holland_ thanked Attaway Homes
  • Maria Privat

    Like em both, but the second one has a bit more substance, so I picked that one.

  • PRO

    If you were planning on changing your exterior facade to a bit more modern look I'd go with the first. I agree with Attaway regarding the way the second fits the current style better. Good Luck!

  • PRO
    Gerety Building and Restoration

    I definitely like the 2nd choice. It fits your style home better.

    _ Holland_ thanked Gerety Building and Restoration
  • _ Holland_

    Thank you, everyone! We ordered the second option for the (2) front lights.


    We are thinking maybe something different for the service entrance... to make it feel more functional, and less dressy. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Something minimal.

    What do you think of this idea? good or bad, or wrong direction?




    other ideas?

  • Maria Privat

    Hello Holland,

    No. Why would you pick something else for the door on the side? I looked up all three and I don't think they match well enough. The first one has this diagonal look to it. The second one is worse being rounded. The third one is very boxy and rather intrusive. Of all three the first one was the least bad. Still not good though in my opinion.

    Why do you call it service entrance? You have a special entrance for servants? You and your family do not use that door? Sounds colonial to me. In Europe we got rid of those wordings. (I'm from Holland by the way...)

    The lamp you picked out for the two sides of the garage doesn't seem to 'fancy' to be used around the corner for the door there too. So I would buy exactly the same lamp for that door too. Or otherwise keep on searching for a bit better match in style.

  • _ Holland_

    Thanks, Maria. I understand, just brainstorming.

    How about something like this? Something sculptural, and decorative maybe, but different than the front. I am open to ideas.

    *Garage "service door"- because that's what it is. (to differentiate between the "overhead door")

    **(edit) My last name is Holland

  • _ Holland_

    would it be better to add a smaller version of the same lamp (as used on front of garage) for side garage door?

  • _ Holland_

    We chose "option 2". thank you everyone for your input, it was very helpful !!

    On the garage "side" door, we chose the same lamp, but the smaller version (sorry for the not-great photo).

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