Oh how I miss my Garden Junkers~!

4 years ago

Been a while since I was here, I was very disappointed when Houzz took over this site so I got all in a huff and quit...I keep coming back to see if it has improved and it seems to be a little bit better. There used to be a Gallery and an Off Topic group for each topic here and I still miss that. Member since 2004, although I had to remake my login since it went to email instead of login name. I made a lot of good contacts here. We did a secret santa thing even. I started the first Harbor Freight Club. [enyardreems] I do hope that GardenWeb survives this transition because there is nothing like it anywhere. Pinterest is ok, but so many dead ends and I find it a waste of time. Facebook is also an endless drain of nonsensical garbage. People love to wallow in it, it appears...

And Facebook can supply it all the while spying on you and using your info for marketing. I've deleted my main account there and have a very VERY personal account which I intend to keep personal. But there I went off-topic lol. I do think that maybe there is life here still. I am glad to see it!

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