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Where to buy Monstera Deliciosa??

-Hello, can anyone help me? where can buy a monstera deliciosa?? i saw one at lowes a while back but i resisted buying it :( and i regret my choices :’)

-can anyone also help provide care tips? i’m getting mixed information from the websites i’ve been reading up on

I would appreciate any help, i hope you have a pleasant day!

—A 14 year old with a serious plant addiction :)

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  • woodnative

    It is not that uncommon, especially the green version. Not too difficult to grow either. They like a lighter soil.....something that holds moisture but a lot of air too.......so you can mix a lot of perlite and/or orchid mix with regular potting soil. Bright but indirect light works well too..........a little morning or late day sun is fine though not necessarily necessary! Water when the soil dries. It is fairly forgiving and easy. If you want it to grow its best and with the largest leaves let it climb a moss pole (google it) but even without a pole it will make a nice house plant.

    Keep an eye out in the stores, one will show up. There is always ebay or trading with someone online here. If you like this plant look at the white variegated ones too!

    j.i.d Seattle,Washington (zone 8b) thanked woodnative
  • jurasico

    Yeah, my better nurseries never seem to have them but they pop up in supermarkets. Mine will eventually have to come inside the house. Super growth outside.

    j.i.d Seattle,Washington (zone 8b) thanked jurasico
  • Andrea ME z5b

    there's a place called Plant Shop Seattle on Olive st. that seems to have a good selection of indoor plants and if they don't have what you're looking for when you go in they will probably be willing to put you on a call list for when it comes in, most independent greenhouses will do that and they'll probably have some good advice for care as well, just ask

    j.i.d Seattle,Washington (zone 8b) thanked Andrea ME z5b
  • woodnative
    Growing at my office
  • woodnative

    btw I had a plant addiction at 14 and still do a few decades later! Something you can enjoy your entire life!

  • Cassandra H

    Lowes does seem to have them quite often honestly, and they are the least expensive I have seen. I'm not super familiar with where you could buy plants in Seattle, but I have seen them on Etsy. If you don't care about starting them from tiny babies I can send you a plug of a baby. I live in Portland so it wouldn't have to travel too far. My grandmother always had a variety of plants growing up so I've had a love for plants since I was much younger also!

    Woodnative, I'm in love with your variegated monstera! I've found a Thai constellation (which I guess is an off white variegated according to the local nursery here) that's $250! I've been looking for a variegated for a few years. If you ever take cuttings for a trade I'd be happy to figure something out!

    j.i.d Seattle,Washington (zone 8b) thanked Cassandra H
  • j.i.d Seattle,Washington (zone 8b)

    Cassandra i would really love it if you could send a plug over onto my way!

  • Cassandra H

    I was at Trader Joe's this morning and they have them there for $5.99. Might want to look in to your local Trader Joe's.

    Shoot me an email with your address and I will mail one to you early next week.


    j.i.d Seattle,Washington (zone 8b) thanked Cassandra H
  • Lauriermd (8b Vancouver BC)

    that variegated monstera is beautiful!!!!!!

  • j.i.d Seattle,Washington (zone 8b)

    so i went to lowe’s and trader joe’s today, to see if they had them, but no success :( but i managed to get a golden pothos, which has been on my list for a while but just never got around to getting :)

  • cm05

    I see them at Home Depot occasionally.

  • Marcy

    I spied and bought a beautiful one at Walmart! It was in my cart and by the time I got to the frozen food section for a big bag a broccoli, I'd had at least 5 people ask me where I got that plant!!!! Um.... Home Depot??? : )

  • Laurie (8A)

    Good luck with your Pothos. j.i.d.

    j.i.d Seattle,Washington (zone 8b) thanked Laurie (8A)
  • Ellen Bshaw

    You can buy verigated monsteras from Logee's online for around 50 dollars. I bought one and have made many cutting from the mother plant. My sis bought one from them and her leaves got really big, twice as big as mine but I think it was because she lives in the south and me Pacific Northwest. Here is mine.

    j.i.d Seattle,Washington (zone 8b) thanked Ellen Bshaw
  • Ellen Bshaw

    Gonna try again with the pic

  • Ellen Bshaw
    • Well when I figure out how to post a pic, I will!
  • Cassandra H

    Thanks Ellen! I'm actually on a waiting list on Logees because two months ago I had one in my cart but was I was on the fence about pulling the trigger and next thing you know someone else bought it from under me. Haha. Then they were out of stock. Oh well. My offer stands with you or woodnative, if either of you ever want to trade (or I can pay for ((I mean what?))) a cutting I'd be happy to do it. I'm also PNW.

    By the way, I can only post pictures these days if I click "Houzz Photo" then browse, then insert.

  • Ellen Bshaw

    Hi, hope I can send this pic by your direction, yes !! Send me your email address

  • woodnative

    Nice one Ellen! MIne is similar though this it was getting unruly so I restarted the pot with the nicest tips. People do not always understand the variegation on these variegates and how it works and needs to be maintained to prevent the plant from turning all green or all white. The best plants have a nice amount of random marbling mixture of green adn white like yours. Plants with too much white or green are less stable in their unstableness lol.

  • Cassandra H

    Wow, your plant is beautiful Ellen! I’m impressed with how nice the variegation is! Here’s my email address chachacupcakes@gmail.com

    Woodnative, I’m apparently one of these people that do not understand about the variegation. I was trying to read about it a few days ago in fact. How does one get it to not revert? What do you need to do to maintain it and to keep it from going too green or too white?

    Thank you!

    J.i.d your package should be arriving today with your baby Monstera, look for it in the mail!

  • woodnative

    There is always the chance of reverting..............but the more "mixing/swirling" of white and green areas, the better chance of that continuing. If the sectors are more solid it depends on where the new growth originates........if it comes from a white area it will more likely be white........if it is from a green area it will more likely stay green. Tissue that is too white will be weak and may die if there is not enough supporting green. My first plant only had a thin strip of white running up the stem on one side and would show only as a little white variegation on every other leaf or so. I kept growing it and cutting the plant up until I eventually got the new growth emerging from the desired intercept of green and white. This new branch was better but still not ideal so the process was repeated until I got these well variegated plants.

  • Cassandra H

    So interesting! Thank you for the lesson, one day I’ll put the info to good use!

  • Brett Reilly

    You can buy Monstera Deliciosa on this website including variegated or standard varieties.

  • chelsea7577

    I’ve been looking for the white variegated monstera here in Portland and everywhere I go the shops say it’s very rare they get them and they no longer put people on waitlist, it’s first come first serve. Anyone knows where I can get one? I’ve checked online websites and all are sold out.

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