Purchased a home that was built in 1920 and has uneven floors

4 years ago

We purchased our retirement home in October 2016 and moved close to our children and grandchildren. My wife loved the property and the big mistake I made (still working out of town) was telling her to make an offer without me seeing the house first.

I won't go into everything "I" find wrong with the house, but there is one thing that makes my blood boil when I think about it, and that is the uneven floors that we now notice after we had the carpet removed. The previous owners installed new carpet throughout the house, except in the dining room, and to hide the floors imperfections, they had the carpet installers install extra padding so floors imperfections weren't noticeable.

Here's the sad part of this story. My wife called around to get quotes from vendors on new flooring throughout the house, which is 2700 SF. Living in a somewhat smaller community, she had merchants take measurements, but the only merchant who provided a written quote is the one she went with. This is why I despise most salesmen. He sold her $11,000.00 dollars in "luxury vinyl plank". I was not present when he sold her the flooring, so he took advantage of the situation. We both wanted to have either hardwood or a laminate installed, but he told her that the vinyl flooring would be the only thing that would work and not show the floors imperfections. What a crock!

The flooring looks awful were the floors are uneven (master bedroom, hallway and guest bedroom). Why would any large flooring merchant risk there reputation by selling someone flooring they knew wasn't going to work? Profit....plain and simple. I called Empire and expressed by concerns and someone was supposed to call me back within 1 - 3 days. I called on 10-2-17 and have yet to hear from anyone.

I would like to know from anyone out there that's familiar with the problem, what needs to be done to make the floors even? The master bedroom was added on within the past 3 years, and I'm guessing that's the problem. That portion of the foundation has settled lower than the rest of the original foundation, causing the floors to be uneven.

We're having the exterior of the house completely redone as I type, and that's not going according to plan either. I hate to have to pay someone to rip up the flooring we currently have, but I simply can't stand to look at it anymore, and I want to have the floors leveled so the flooring we wanted originally can be installed.

This is all about resale value and what prospective buyers will have concerns with looking at the house. I guess we could do like the previous owners and hide the imperfections in the flooring and have carpet put back down, but I couldn't do that to anyone else. We don't plan to stay here forever, but we may have no alternative.

Thanks for letting me share my story, and I hope someone has a reasonable cost-effective solution to my problem.

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