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Finishing space between backsplash and cabinets

Megan Dwyer
5 years ago
Hi everyone,

I just completed my very first tiling project on our fixer upper home. I did a herringbone subway marble backsplash in our kitchen. I thought that we would just fill in the top with grout (between the tile and our cabinets, but now I'm worried that this will look junky and "unfinished." I don't have enough space between all of the tiles and the bottom of the cabinets to put a marble pencil trim piece, although I'm considering just adhering a pencil over the tile to cover this gap. Know that's not ideal and am kicking myself for not mortaring in the pencil liner piece to begin with. Unfortunately, if you're sitting at our dining room table, you can see this gap. Would be open to any suggestions! Separately, wondered if you think the underside of my cabinets should be painted white like the fronts of the cabinets? Thank you in advance!

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