Would you post a Reveal on GW if your kitchen were ‘out of trend’?

October 23, 2017

Eam44 posted this video clip of a hysterical Jessica Lange, crying out “what is this, knotty pine?” upon learning she was spending eternity in hell… with the knotty pine. It’s hysterical, and I recommend watching it at least once!

That said, is anyone doing a kitchen renovation that is, or might be considered, ‘out of trend’, and if so, would you consider posting a kitchen ‘reveal’ on GW?

Some of the cabinet makers in my area are still doing kitchens with trends that are no longer considered ‘in’. It’s what people know. It’s what I knew before joining GW.

I’m trying desperately to reconcile the fact that I actually found a tile I love and hope to use… and it’s a polished travertine. I want not one, but 2, apron-front sinks. I like brass fixtures. I like jewel mixed with earth tones. And we found some beautiful reclaimed brick for our eating room walls. And yes, I have a rooster that will go in my mixed-mongrel-fusion traditional/farmhouse/French country/old world kitchen. All these things are said to be (by who, the designers, or…?) going out of trend in 2018 – or have been out of trend for years. We are moving slowly, and our kitchen may not be finished by end of 2018.

I cringe at the thought of someone walking in to my kitchen, the kitchen I love, my dream kitchen, and pronounce “what is this, a travertine tile backsplash?” in a hoarse scream with a look of complete disgust on their face. But no one I know would be that uncouth, on the other hand, would you post your kitchen reveal if you felt you’d get few comments on GW because perhaps your kitchen were sporting a 4” backsplash, distressed cabinets, tiled countertops, cabinets that don’t go to the ceiling, or heaven forbid, bisque appliances – even if it’s what you love?

I don’t want to live and cook in a renovated kitchen which we spend our hard-earned/saved money on that is not us only because it’s ‘timeless’ or ‘on trend’. I just can’t. White on white with subway tiles aren’t me. Gray isn’t me. I am not ‘sleek’, nor is my lifestyle. These are lovely looks, but they are not me.

2nd question: Have you ever not posted a comment on a kitchen reveal because you felt it out of trend, or just not up to your standards?

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  • Chessie

    Milly Rey, my brother just (I mean just - he has not even closed yet) bought a house, 7 yrs old, beautiful, on 4 acres. $250K. I can really see the appeal of living away from it all, after looking at what he got for his money. But even that new, I know he'll be doing a few upgrades inside.

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  • mobuddy89

    Thanks, Chess! Oh there are times I want to be crabby! If you are unable to see the video in Beth's link, perhaps your browser is blocking it. It is a chrome pull out for pots and pans very similar to some that Rev-a-Shelf makes for after-market installation.

    I know drawers are really really popular here. So I went to IKEA just to test them out. Kept opening and closing them with all the display pots. The thing that makes me nervous with drawers is chipping the edges of them when removing items. Anyone experience this?

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  • Chessie

    mobuddy89 - thanks - I had not noticed the link! I watched it. Pullouts just seem to waste space, to me - but it depends on where they are used I guess. I think if I had a more roomy kitchen, I would be more amenable to them.

    Although, I just did put in two pullouts in my own cabinets, last week. One is under my sink, the other is in the peninsula cabinet that is just one huge area. I had not realized that they were available with base-only mounting options - I learned that here in these forums - yay! If I had enough room, and could choose one big cavernous base cabinet, or pullouts, I would definitely choose pullouts. I am pretty happy with the ones I installed.

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  • cpartist

    cpartist the kitchen in your condo looked not busy..to me, it looked very calming..I remember it very well. I guess all is the matter of context

    Thank you April!

    Funny when I put that kitchen in back in 2010, everyone was jumping on the white kitchen bandwagon and here I came along with a cherry wood kitchen. However it worked with the look of the rest of the condo and felt warm and inviting.

    If I hadn't found my green quartzite, I might have picked the cherry wood cabinets again as I still loved them when we sold the place. (The cherry wouldn't work with the quartzite as they'd be fighting one another a bit)

    Secret? Sometimes I see the before kitchens on this forum and wonder why people are tearing them out because they look perfectly wonderful to me. Of course the afters look wonderful too.

    I wonder if we've all been too taken in by the likes of HGTV?

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  • 2ManyDiversions

    Chess, "One night I got so annoyed I pulled everything out of the cabinet onto the floor. And I was cussing like a sailor when I did it." That is my pots/pans/sieves/colander cabinet - one giant stack, and it threatens to teeter over every time I open that door. Every night I pull it all out just to get one or two items, onto the floor, and most nights I curse as they tumble askew all around me! I utterly hate it!

  • Chessie

    "I wonder if we've all been too taken in by the likes of HGTV?"

    Nah. Just by HOUZZ. :-) (I don't have cable so rarely see HGTV.)

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  • 2ManyDiversions

    cparist: Secret? Sometimes I see the before kitchens on this forum and wonder why people are tearing them out because they look perfectly wonderful to me. Of course the afters look wonderful too. Me too! And when I read other's suggestions on how to 'improve' the kitchen, I'm baffled and think to myself, gosh, I must have no taste at all!

    I wonder if we've all been too taken in by the likes of HGTV? Mmmm hmmmm. This is why my aversion to subway tiles... and Joanna Gaines. I like subway tiles in other kitchens and actually find them very attractive, but I can't have what I call a ''Joanna Gaines grayscale kitchen" because A) it doesn't match our style and home and B) I'm tired of how she does the same kitchen over and over... having said that, I definitely remember loving and being inspired by the kitchens she did... at first.

  • cpartist

    As I was putting dishes away this morning, I realized I am most likely bucking another major trend. Instead of a drawer for my pots and pans, I'm leaning heavily towards this. I know for a fact in some cases it would be less movement, and just plain easier.

    If that is more comfortable for you than drawers, or better for organization for you, then that's what you need to do.

    Hey I'm bucking trends/guidelines too. My prep sink is on the perimeter and my cleanup sink is on the island. I have my reasons; aging in place, space, etc and I'm fine with it.

    Yes we tend to be quite strong in our opinions when critiquing a layout, but if the OP has good reasons for what they are planning, then I think most times people do eventually back off. You know yourself best and so you know ultimately what will work best for you.

    Doesn't mean we won't continue to question it. Heck because everyone questioned my every decision regarding not only my kitchen, but everything in my house, I now have a truly wonderful house that will soon be finished. (She says crossing her fingers and toes.) And the reason it's so wonderful is because with everyone questioning my decisions, it really made me think why I was doing something the way I was, and if there truly was a better solution. Sometimes there definitely were better solutions and I made those. In other cases, my reasoning worked and I kept those as I had designed them.

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  • cpartist

    The thing that makes me nervous with drawers is chipping the edges of them when removing items. Anyone experience this?

    I had cherry cabinets with drawers in my condo and nothing ever chipped.

    Right now we're in a rental with inexpensive white painted drawers and they still look fine after what I think is at least 15 years?

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  • lazy_gardens

    That said, is anyone doing a kitchen renovation that is, or might be
    considered, ‘out of trend’, and if so, would you consider posting a
    kitchen ‘reveal’ on GW?

    Certainly ... more important than being "fashionable" or "trendy" is being suitable for the intended purpose and surroundings.

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  • Kate

    Cp - Secret? Sometimes I see the before kitchens on this forum and wonder why people are tearing them out because they look perfectly wonderful to me. Of course the afters look wonderful too.

    I just had someone ask why we're redoing our kitchen, she said it is cute. It's an 80s kitchen with dark cherry cathedral cabinets and cream corian. The cabinets are very well built, which is why we've lived with them for 13 years. But, my husband finally agreed to a reno (which includes building a new mudroom, taking out a walk-in pantry and removing walls). I'm not doing it so much for new finishes as for a layout that works better for a family of 8.

    Our reno won't be particularly trendy. I have to work hard to keep my husband from getting his way - ornate raised doors with glazing. I want simple. We'll see what it ends up being! Unfortunately, it is taking forever to actually get to the kitchen part, as my husband will be doing almost all of the work and his job is keeping him very busy right now. :-\

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  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    There is a difference between "trends" and "fads". Trends can be a response to demographic changes such as smaller homes to reflect smaller families, whereas fads can be a look similar to glass tile backsplashes. The people buying your home can't chop a thousand square feet off easily, but they can change a splash in a day or so.

    I'm all for civility on these forums, but lets not forget that many times posters want blessing for a bad idea. Sometimes a very bad idea. Some of us have more tact and patience than others, but lack of tact never killed anyone, unlike a stove placed too close to a combustible wall. When these people don't hear what they want to hear, they often get quite hostile at those of us bearing the bad news. I, and some others here, may pi$$ you off, but it's usually for your own good.

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  • 2ManyDiversions

    ... what I hoped to avoid.


    I wanted a blessing for a bad layout without realizing it. I was treated with respect, kindness, and tact when it was explained to me I was making mistakes. My first reaction was hurt, followed by anger, followed by hurt again. I flared out at the people trying in the kindest way to help me see. Gratefully, they forgave me my outburst, and I opened my mind due to their tact, which saved me from a costly renovation with a horrid layout. Tact works.

  • tigereye

    2ManyDiversions, YES! TACT! There are two "Pro Designers" that post on here often that come to mind that are flip, rude, smarmy, and no tact whatsoever. You can say you don't like something or you think there would be a better way or doing something without being rude. If I were anywhere near them, there is no way I would employ them in my house.

    ETA: They haven't posted on this thread yet!

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  • Toronto Veterinarian

    "I wanted a blessing for a bad layout without realizing it. I was
    treated with respect, kindness, and tact when it was explained to me I
    was making mistakes."

    That's good -- I wasn't even asking for anyone's advice on a layout, let alone their blessing, and I was treated with disrespect, derision, snark, and rudeness. Very unhelpful, but I'm sure those people thought they were doing me a favour and it was all for my own good. Yes, it angered me, but I didn't "lash out" or return rudeness with rudeness. What I did, though, was ignore the advice in favour of the advice or designers and builders who knew me and my situation. I'm sure they think I was foolish and will live to regret the day I didn't take their "free" advice.

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  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    There are two distinct issues here. One is would you post an un-fashiopnable kitchen reveal. And I answered that question with an unequivocal 'yes.'

    Would I seek advice about a layout that I knew would not pass GW standards? Probably not.

    I almost bought a house this past summer that featured a kitchen that was had to have cooktop in the island - so far- not too terrible- the island was quite long- there was plenty of space for an nice induction unit. But because of the high, pitched ceiling, I could not find a way to ventilate the cooktop - the kitchen was full of windows as far as the eye could see (hence why cooktop had to be in island and not on perimeter.) I knew this would start conversations on GW that went something like, why not flip the kitchen and the family room and other such complicated plans. I was not up for such a huge project and just wanted to get the range out of the island and change out the cabinets and a few more thing, but no moving rooms from place to place.

    Fortunately, I found a better house, with its own quirky kitchen, but one I was able to discuss with my GW friends.

    PS Also, it has probably helped that I lurked here for a long time and learned to understand the different "regulars" and what they were like, thus I can take comments in the spirit in which they are offered.

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  • mobuddy89

    Toronto Vet, I felt kind of bad because I am the one that chided you into posting a reveal. But I am glad you knew I was only after good things.

    I went back to your original threads and read some of the initial comments. Just the kind of stuff that drives people away. I am so glad you saw the potential here and not only posted a great reveal that works for you, but are now offering clear, sound advice to others.

    To me reveals are like watching the Today show makeover segments with Kathie Lee and Hoda. A good haircut, a nice outfit and tasteful makeup makes us feel so much better about ourselves. A kitchen you love does the same and I believe we become better cooks as a result.

    Keep the reveals coming as I live vicariously through them. A new kitchen will most likely not happen in my current house as we may need to move within 3 to 5 years when we retire. Till then, I have only your reveals!

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  • gthigpen

    Loved reading through this thread. I don't post much here....mainly I post on the building a home forum. I do read and soak in every bit of advice I can and many of you helped with my kitchen layout, which I love BTW!

    As far as posting a non-trendy reveal, I love all reveals no matter the style. There was a kitchen posted awhile back that I was just smitten with (cannot remember the poster). Nothing I would have ever thought I would like, but it's still my favorite kitchen I've ever seen. I will admit I actually don't want to post my kitchen because it is considered 'trendy'. But I put in white shaker cabinets with black/gray counters 10 years ago. And I did it with our house before that 15 years ago. I love white shaker cabinets. I love bright painted islands. I love cream/white counter-tops. I And I have my whole life. But I don't want to show my kitchen, because it screams trendy. I didn't do shiplap or barn doors though. :)

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  • powermuffin

    I posted my clearly-not-on-trend, simple kitchen reveal and had only a few responses. Hmmm, that was disappointing, but I love my kitchen so tough. It is a completely DIY kitchen and nothing exciting. If I had posted "before" pictures, I probably would have had more responses. It took me two years to get to the final layout with the help of Buehle and bemorepanic who opened my eyes to a real solution. I would not have had the functionality that I do if it were not for their help, which is the reason that I posted the reveal.

    Really, I have seen so many of the same trendy kitchens that I am not interested any more. I do like to see layouts, however, because some interesting problems and solutions come up from those.

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  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    Gthingpen, So for 25 years you have been doing white kitchens?? I am so psyched, since that is my favorite kind of kitchen!! Nobody could make a better case for the non trendiness of white kitchens! Imagine saying you put the same kitchen in your house in 1975 as you did in 1950? Probably not likely.

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  • gthigpen

    Rita - Yep! I blame it on growing up in Minnesota.....what I think is the land of wood trim and doors. Moving to Texas as an adult, I immediately fell in love with all of the white trim and doors I saw. Everything looked so fresh and bright and I love the contrast that white provides. I've lived here for 27 years now and I still think I have PTSD regarding wood trim and cabinets. :) I'm not saying there aren't absolutely lovely wood cabinet kitchens, but I know for me I'll never not do a white kitchen. :)

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  • benjesbride_misses_sophie

    I always "like" reveals if I click on them, but I rarely comment. It never occurred to me that someone might interpret a lack of comments as something negative. I figure if ten people have commented "Great!" Or "Beautiful!" that my similar comment wont really make a difference.

    The rule is that completed Kitchens only get positive feedback. If someone posts a critical or negative comment on a reveal post I flag it.

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  • 3katz4me

    I would and I did. And I greatly admire the independent thinkers who don't follow the herd.

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  • dchall_san_antonio

    I remember not too long ago someone posted about kitchen counters. She said they built a 5,000 square foot home and used Formica kitchen counter tops. I believe her reasoning was that she could change them out any time she wanted to. That was refreshing to read, because my preference for kitchen counter tops is ceramic tile, a la 1920s. We owned a 1939 house with tile counters and replaced them with tile. It was great. We have Formica in our new (1990s) house. It really looks dated, because it is. You can still get this design, but ugh! There is so much more in the Formica range now.

    I have posted pix of our tile counter top kitchen in the past. Not a problem.

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  • beth09

    Whenever one is trying to make someone see a "truth", insulting them, trashing their ideas, and making condescending remarks is never the way to get said persons attention. There are some on here who have never (and dare I say , will never) learn this lesson. Pity, it could save so much upset and grief. I've seen more than one run off, and it wasn't because they didn't want to see the "truth". I would wager a large amount of money that there are many who may have very much wanted some advice, but didn't feel like navigating the shark infested waters. :/

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  • Milly Rey

    Chess, I can't ask my husband to commute so far. I just can't. It ended up as a boon for me. I hadn't been thinking about extracurriculars. Nice to be near them!

    powermuffin, people just like B&A. Post a halfway decent B&a, and you can only beat it for responses with a spectacular (aesthetically spectacular) after only.

    Does anyone else watch (or used to watch, because I haven't had cable in a decade) design shows because they're horrible? I used to watch This Old House because I loved it, but I watched Design on a Dime and Christopher Lowell because they were so unremittingly awful. It was a train wreck every episode.

    I didn't post my last kitchen because we were about to move and so it was boring. It was an AMAZING upgrade in space and functionality, but it was totally bland. White and sand colored kitchen. It was on trend then and perfect for the area. Just not ever going to make anyone go "ooooh."

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  • Lavender Lass

    Powermuffin, can you link your kitchen reveal? I've been MIA too long and probably missed it. :)

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  • janecalle

    Interesting thread. Agree with so much said about the "tone" of a few responders who often dominate the discussion, and not in the most welcoming way. Really applaud those who "step out" of the norm when it comes to making a home their own. As for "reveals" , haven't done that. We tend to step out there a bit with our renovations although have used modest restraint when remodeling based on resale. But our "modest" would be someone else's guffaw. My husband and I laugh about the "next and final house" where much concern will be thrown to the wind in favor of artistry, comfort, and fun..... and let the kids deal with the aftermath when we are gone.

    Aprilneverends, Do we have the same fabric rooster?

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  • mobuddy89

    Does anyone ever read/post on Apartment Therapy? For the most part, the kitchens there actually are more my style (modern, Scandinavian and midcentury) and at one time, a re-use/re-cycle mentality. Usually budget friendly. BUT, man are they ruthless in their comments. Makes the few negative ones here look like child's play. I would never ever post a reveal there.

    And I want to add an important aspect about Houzz -- I very much like it that pros do chime in from time to time.

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  • beth09

    And I want to add an important aspect about Houzz -- I very much like it that pros do chime in from time to time.

    Yes, those that post considerately and thoughtfully are real gems and much appreciated!

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  • Milly Rey

    I had a bathroom featured there long ago (for help). My ideas were called fussy and overly complicated. They were right. Lol. I have a biggish house, but that was one tiny bathroom!!!

    I love tile counters in other people's homes.

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  • aprilneverends

    janecalle:) no..but there is a similarity. I'd say they might be cousins..:)

    PS I spent couple years on AT. Maybe less but I know that I can't count time anymore -everything seems so fast..

    I loved home tours most of all. I still remember some very vividly.

    But they -the site-started being..too huge, too commercialized? Some authenticity gets lost usually. In such cases. Also, one time I got too.. nervous. lol. it wasn't about decor or design. Obviously. But I just never went back.

    There were many nice folks there(and I think I see couple of them here)

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  • jhmarie

    gthigpen- my love of wood comes in part from my vacations in Minnesota - very favorite time of my year. I've been going to the same lake since I was three. I love cottage style - I am sure very much influences by Minnesota:)

    I watch This Old House all the time. I was given a free "Insider" year which gives me access to almost all the past seasons. I sometimes watch the first and last of a past season. While the decor is often influenced by the time period, I find that much of the work is more timeless then many other shows - well maybe not the red formica counters in the first show in the 1970's:)

    This Old House has been an influence since it often restores the home, but refreshes too - a nod to modern living but with respect to the old bones of the house - not every house, but many.

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  • Milly Rey

    Now that I know more about construction, I'll catch the occasional TOH flub and go, "No no!"--but building knowledge was much less universally available when it began.

    Norm's Yankee Workshop is why I measure right, even more than my dad. :)

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  • rebunky

    I commented on pipdog’s brand new mcm reveal tonight, others too, and now it’s gone? It was amazing! What the heck happened?

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  • DLM2000-GW

    Totally derailing here - Lavender Lass where have you been??? What a treat to see you pop in - hope all is well and you'll catch up with everyone. I've missed your inspiration and positive contributions.

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  • Toronto Veterinarian

    I'm currently renting a place (while working out of town) that is completely knotty pine.....and I thought of this thread. Here's the knotty pine kitchen:

    And this is the living room area that goes with it:

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  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    What ever did happen to pipdog's reveal? I saw it last night as well. It was late, so I put off commenting. It was fantastic.

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  • 2ManyDiversions

    Toronto Veterinarian, oh wow, what a gorgeous place! I'm so envious (in a nice way). We'd hoped to move at retirement but not in the cards, and your rental is nicer than what we had hoped for, knotty pine and all (which we love). Bet you're enjoying it as a change of pace, huh?

  • Bunny

    Toronto Vet, I don't have a problem with all that knotty pine.

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    That knotty pine works for me too. I like cozy and rustic.

  • 2ManyDiversions

    Hmmm, perhaps because I posted the link to the American Horror Cult episode thread, and made the comment I was concerned someone might react that way to travertine tile, some people here on GW might think I didn't care for knotty pine, if they didn't get the gist of that other post... I'll add an edit at the top to make it clear we have always loved knotty pine.

    What I got from the Jessica Lange reaction on knotty pine being 'hell' was that she was a ridiculously huge snob, and the show was making fun of people who were snobs. Anyone else get that?

    ETA: Can't change first post, but added my comment to my first comment on this thread : - )

  • Lavender Lass

    Toronto- love the views! :)

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    I totally understood the joke 2Many. You would have to think GW is full of kitchen snobs sneering at your every decision to take that scene to heart ;-)

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  • 2ManyDiversions

    Thank you Rita, I thought the same too, but worried some had not clicked on the link and maybe just thought I was a "knotty pine" snob too!

  • vinmarks

    Toronto Vet loving all that knotty pine. I am presently building a log cabin that is all knotty pine throughout the main floor. Nothing about my house is on trend.

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  • beth09

    What I got from the Jessica Lange reaction on knotty pine being 'hell' was that she was a ridiculously huge snob, and the show was making fun of people who were snobs. Anyone else get that?

    I got it. ;)

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  • 2ManyDiversions

    Can I just say this? After reading all these wonderful posts, perhaps the so-called 'trends'... aren't. Perhaps the real trend is doing what you love, doing what fits your region, you home, your lifestyle and needs, your aesthetics. This seems to me to be the prevailing trend here on GW.

    I saw a tiny glimpse of a kitchen on GW with a 4" backsplash that I thought divine and totally perfect with the cabinets and fixtures I could see - and felt others would think so, too. It was really quite beautiful, IMO.

    Merriam Webster definition of Trend: a prevailing tendency or inclination; a current style or preference.

    Seems, at least here on GW, the prevailing trend is to do what is right for each individual/family, and current styles and preferences are what each of us likes and in the end, chooses, not what is dictated to us. Whether it be trendy with designers/design writers, or not.

  • just_janni

    I took it as similar to the "no wire hangers" rant! LOL!

    Love the knotty pine in Torontovet's rental - it "works" there!

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  • 2ManyDiversions

    Joan Crawford was scary in that movie!

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