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Double Sink Vs Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

May Construction, Inc.
October 26, 2017
last modified: October 26, 2017

The age old debate! Single sink vanity, or a double sink vanity? I think it’s easy to say two is better then one! It makes it easier for two people to get ready at the same time.

With two sinks, you have your own space for your own needs and can keep your personal items handy without having someone else knocking them over.

Another point to consider with two sinks is the room you will need under each sink for the drain. So maybe a single sink is the way to go not because you don’t want two sinks but because it’s what works best for your needs and your space.

The extra counter space and a larger under counter storage – or two sinks with less counter space and tighter under cabinet storage? Which works best for your needs?

Comments (24)

  • chloebud

    We have double sinks in our master and guest bathrooms. It's worked nicely because both bathrooms have plenty of room for them and also lots of storage. In our case, I wouldn't want it any other way.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked chloebud
  • zealart

    double sinks are fine when there is actual space for two people to move around in. When double sinks are just cramped in, then it's not functional and extra counter space is much better. I have also realized that a lot of people, me included, don't actually get ready at the same time.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked zealart
  • Maria Privat

    Double sinks give me that luxurious feeling. But only in a bathroom that is big enough to handle them.

    For me getting things out of sight, but still at hand, in a bathroom is much more important.

    And things to hang your clothes and towels on for the whole family.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked Maria Privat
  • DG

    Large vanity and double sinks in master. Single sink and added counter space in guest baths; that was preferred choice by by 4 OOT children and their spouses.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked DG
  • woodteam5

    What Zealart said

    Long counters with double sinks are nice, but if it is a shorter one, I'd rather have the counter space.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked woodteam5
  • Belahn

    Large counter and cabinet area with ONE sink. I've been married for 12 years and we don't share a bathroom. I've never done that with anyone and don't understand how people can stand it. He has his bathroom and I have mine. I only need one sink but l like the space of a bigger vanity. Good for storage and I can spread out on it when I'm doing hair and make up!

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  • beautifulquebec

    It's the best of both worlds!!!

    May Construction, Inc. thanked beautifulquebec
  • SP McKenzie

    Having had a house with a single sink as well as my current home with two sinks, I can't imagine going back to a single sink. However, I do agree with Zealart that two sinks only work as long as there is enough space and not cramped.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked SP McKenzie
  • T. J.

    I'm working on a new master bathroom, and we're limited on space. I really want a space to sit and do my makeup. An architect said to do one sink and a vanity. He pointed out that my husband and I won't often need to be needing the sink at the same time, which is true.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked T. J.
  • functionthenlook

    One sink is plenty for us. After 42 years of marriage we never used the bathroom at the same time, let alone the sink. Bathroom time is private time, stay out! I have a dressing table in my bedroom to apply my makeup and do my hair.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked functionthenlook
  • Happy Dude

    Double, always go for double if there is enough space. Think about when you both have to use the sink in the morning like you said.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked Happy Dude
  • Ella Fitzgerald

    we are changing a 60" wide vanity from a double sink to a single sink in our shared master bathroom. We sometimes use the sink area together but we have never used the second sink. I much prefer more counter space.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked Ella Fitzgerald
  • templeofm

    I dislike double sinks. It's extra cleaning, and takes away counter space. We don't share the bathroom ever, so it's not a problem.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked templeofm
  • jonio
    I have both setups in two homes. Much prefer double sinks. We can both brush teeth, get ready, and have our own space, without having to share one sink and mirror.
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  • functionthenlook

    Sorry, but I don't want my husband see me spitting toothpaste into the sink or visa versa. I also don't want to see him trimming his nose hair or watch me plucking anything. PRIVACY. One sink, one person at a time in the bathroom.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked functionthenlook
  • fuzzy wuzzy

    I second what functionthenlook said. We're married almost 40 years and never had a problem of congestion in the bathroom with a single sink. We both worked until recently and we still made it to our jobs even with sharing the bathroom. Oh MY!! However did we manage??? No snowflakes here.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked fuzzy wuzzy
  • tinybluesparkles

    We have double sinks currently, but only one sink gets used. The other is just there, or storage for my blow dryer. Not a nice look, ha!

    when we renovate the bath, we will keep the vanity size but only install one sink. I want drawers! And more counter space! We have a second bath if there is ever a dire need.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked tinybluesparkles
  • Lisa Williams

    In a master bath, I would say 2 sinks whenever possible! I, too, like the idea of one longer sink with 2 faucets if space is tight.

    Personally, I don't care for any toiletries stored on the counter top. All items, except soap dispenser, should be put away after use. So, I'll take the medicine cabinet(s) and under-counter storage. And plenty of hooks for robes and towels. I'm not a fan of towel bars except for decorative towels.

    Oh, and I really love a built in makeup vanity...if there's no space in the bathroom, I'll take a freestanding one in the bedroom.

    Many couples find that they don't need the master bathroom at the same time on work days, but how about all the times you're both getting ready for social activities.

    While I agree on some levels of privacy...I'd really like a water closet, if possible! I don't take issue with tooth brushing, etc. in front of my SO. But there is certainly a line when one needs their privacy in the restroom :)

    For a bathroom that serves more than one bedroom (not a powder room), I also like double sinks. Two kids in a family very often get ready at the same time for school, so this works best, IMHO. I also like having a door that separates the toilet and shower/tub from the vanity area, so that one can use the facilities and the other can use the sink/vanity. :D

    May Construction, Inc. thanked Lisa Williams
  • tooky58

    Single sink for us, the only time we're in the bathroom together is (occasionally) in the shower. The only items we keep on the counter are the soap dispenser and the pretty jar of Q-tip's. I don't wear makeup so need for lots of space. We've actually been talking about a pedestal sink, we like the look and it would mean even less cleanup. Which is always a good thing.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked tooky58
  • Deborah Jarman

    Have had both. I prefer my own sink. Recently purchased a house with the best of both worlds. We each have our own vanity with single sink in each. I'm in heaven, as I like my counter clutter free and hubby likes everything spread out on the counter top.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked Deborah Jarman
  • PRO
    Colorful Concepts Interior Design

    A guest bathroom, especially a small scale bathroom, can look great with a single sink and some counter space on either side.

    In a master bathroom, a double sink vanity seems more practical with the extra counter space and storage underneath for each person.

  • J Corn

    We don't use the vanity at the same time. Single vanity for us plus the benefit of extra storage space.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked J Corn
  • Michael De Luca

    The few cubic inches you'll waste with another set of plumbing for a second sink is hardly a concern if you can comfortably fit two sinks with sufficient counter space. 2 sinks unless there is a better argument.

    May Construction, Inc. thanked Michael De Luca
  • Sonja Jones

    We're about to buy a house with a double sink but no drawers. So we looked at a single sink design at Lowe's and both of us at the same time said "we don't need 2 sinks, we don't get ready at the same time." Glad we agreed on that! Plus I hate cleaning a sink that doesn't get used.

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