Need Advice on Damage Caused by Painters

Ashley Judge
3 years ago
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Need advice on what you would do in this situation. Back in June we met with contractors to have our darker cherry veneer cabinets refinished white. The painters they brought in were adamant that you must roll veneer cabinets to get the best finish, and that they cannot be sprayed unless you take them down completely. They told us we would not be able to get a smooth factory like finish. They told us they could fix water damage done on one set of cabinets from the dishwasher. They said they'd start the last week of June, while we were on vacation, and be done by the time we got home. The night we returned, it looked as if they had just started a day or two before. All of our doors were laid flat on tarps in our garage floor, which we believe caused a lot of paint drips on the edges of the doors. They had just put the primer coat on, which looked like they had quickly slapped a coat one with roller marks going every which way. They later claimed that, although they originally didn't sand after the primer coat, that the marks you could see (as if the didn't roll in straight lines) were not from the primer. They were done about a week later, however the paint job was of incredibly poor quality. After back and forth with the contractors, they agreed to have the painters come back in and fix the issues although it wouldn't be until August. In August, the painters came in and decided this time to sand everything down. They didn't tell us ahead of time, and there was a mess in all our cabinets - we had to spend the good part of a day taking everything out to clean it all off. They then took 2.5 days to try to get one set of doors looking good - but failed. At that point they stopped work. In September and again after much back and forth, the owner agreed to replacing the doors and drawer faces. They got a quote from the cabinet company they use, which ended up being the exact same cost as what we originally agreed to pay for the job. We all agreed that they'd have someone else custom make the doors, which was a plus for us because they'll be solid wood. We've seen them and are happy with them. We were also able to upgrade to soft close hinges, although we paid extra for them.
They then had a new paint crew come in to "touch up" the boxes. We never discussed that the boxes were done and just needed a few touch ups - they were sanded down and needed completely redone! After a heated conversation, the owner finally agreed to have the paint crew redo the boxes. But not until after he made it a point to tell us that he felt like it was one issue after another with this job and he just wanted to make sure he wasn't getting taken advantage of...tell me about it...
The new painters were very professional and actually sprayed the boxes the way they're supposed to be done! Had they done the job from the beginning, I'm convinced I would have loved the finished work back in June. However, there is permanent damage done by the original painters. This is what I would like advice on. Do I accept how it looks now and just move on? It's been over 4 months and my husband and I just want this to be over with. Or, do I demand they fix the issues? I'm afraid that this would mean completely replacing the boxes (and painting them), which I do not think they'll be willing to do. We've only paid them half at the start of the job, so we still owe them the other half plus for the hinges. I also fear that this would cause the job to linger on for weeks, or months, at this rate. Although, I also fear that when we try to sell in the next 5 or so years, that prospective buyers would notice and it could hurt the sale. Here are several pictures taken throughout... Original cabinets, taken while my husband was stalling a back splash

Pics taken 6/30/17, once the original painters were done

The contractors asked us to put take where we thought there were issues...there were a lot of issues:

Pics taken 8/3/17, after the painters had sanded down everything:

They didn't tell us ahead of time and left a mess for us to go through, took the better half of the day to clean everything:

This was the final product, one of two doors, after 2.5 days of them trying to fix their original paint job:

These were taken today. The finish is great, but because of the issues caused by the original painters there are a lot of noticeable issues:

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