Applying peel and stick backsplash to an uneven surface plaster wall

Phyllis Miller
3 years ago

My walls are plaster my home is very old. Part of the plaster walls in the kitchen are swollen cracking and uneven. I have scraped off as much of the old paint as possible. I want to put peel and stick tile up for the backsplash. Can I apply it directly to the wall or do I need to apply a subsurface first?. What is the easiest and fastest solution? I was thinking I would have to cut some Luan screw it into the wall then apply a Kilz primer and then apply the peel and stick backsplash. I would much rather simply run a coat of Kilz primer on the wall as is and then apply the backsplash but I am afraid they will not stick. Does anyone have any advice in this area? Here are some photos of the wall I am dealing with

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