Tired of looking for a house

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3 years ago
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I've been to 70+ houses this year and looked at 100s online. We offered over asking, no contingencies, on two homes in the early part of our search but cash offers beat us both times--we are pre-approved but still need to go through process of securing a mortgage.

Since then there just haven't been any homes we both want to move to and now I'm burned out from searching. Decided to switch gears; we are replacing all the worn-out flooring in our living room, entry, hall, and 3 bedrooms (750 sq ft total) and I cannot wait for it to be installed...will be beautiful and practical and refreshing.

I'm holding out for the right place, but in the meantime the flooring will alleviate some of our issues at home. The house will still be small, but at least the stains, musty smells, and allergies from the old fraying carpet will be out of my life!

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