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Does this look like Sea Pearl quartzite

December 9, 2017
last modified: December 9, 2017

I am on the hunt for countertops for my new kitchen. I am really drawn to the look of quartzites but I am wary abt stoneyards mislabeling marble as quartzite. I absolutely do not want marble. I need a stone which will be somewhat stain resistant as I cook a lot and work with curry powder and turmeric almost everyday...

I am considering the following Sea Pearl quartzite but am worried that it looks significantly different fm the other sea pearls I have seen.....most sea pearls seem to have horizontal lines and this one doesn’t have many...it also seems more cloudy in appearance...I was given a sample which looks very different when I see it in day light (more grey; actual slab looks greyish green under the warehouse lights).....I currently am in the process of testing it...I see already that it’s reacting to red wine but almost every stone I tested, reacted badly to red wine...so i am not surprised...

Does this stone look like marble or quartzite?

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  • meghnt

    Forgot to mention that the stone has small white scratches on them which made me suspicious as true quartzite is hard to scratch...I was told that the scratches will go away when polished. Thanks!

  • houssaon

    This web page has very helpful information, including "The Definitive Guide to Quartzite" - The definitive guide to a commonly mislabeled natural stone, quartzite.


  • meghnt

    Thank you for the link...upon testing further, the sample is not etching from lemon juice....stained very little from red wine and turmeric....however it does seem to scratch easily....I am super confused....here’s a pic of the sample they gave me...I was told it was from the actual slab but I didn’t see them cut it and the color looks very different

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    it looks like sea pearl. all slabs have different variations. you can't expect every single one to have the lines in it.

    quartzite should not scratch w/glass (the quartzite itself shouldn't have a scratch mark). take that piece you're holding and run it over a glass tile. if it scratches the glass, it's quartzite. it if leaves behind a dust trail w/no scratch, you've got some marble. You also have to understand that marble deposits may be in the quartzite itself. The makeup of each slab might vary.

    these are both sea pearl

    sea pearl island

  • bellburgmaggie
    It is SEA PEARL QUARTZITE. May I suggest looking at a honed finish - it is what I put in my kitchen and I'm very happy with it. Doesn't show finger prints being honed.
  • bellburgmaggie
    Also doesn't scratch or stain, but make sure the fabricator seals it. I just had a party and every known things spilled on it, white wine, red wine, lemon juice. I even had someone who had too much to drink cut a lemon on top of the island with no board, no issues. Remember stones are natural products so there will be variations in the stone.
  • meghnt

    Thanks Beth and Bellburgmaggie..that’s reassuring...going to take another look today and if all goes well, I might put in a deposit...

  • meghnt

    So we took the plunge and put a deposit on the Sea Pearl..we were shown 3 slabs and we picked one with medium color and pattern...thanks for all the help

  • remodelingincali

    meghnt -- do you like your sea pearl quartzite? How is it holding up for you? Do you have pics you'd be willing to share of your final installation and the backsplashes you chose?

  • meghnt

    I like it...it’s holding up quite well..I don’t see any etching or staining....I was extremely careful initially but now am a little more relaxed...

    Here’s a pic just after the backsplash was installed...

  • Laurie Malenick Wise
    meghnt, do you think BM white dove cabinets would go well with Sea Pearl?
  • meghnt

    I’m no expert but I think they would work together..

  • remodelingincali

    Thank you for sharing, I love the counter top.

    meghnt thanked remodelingincali
  • Lin R
    I have a similar question - we saw this slab and love it, but I’m wondering whether it’s sea pearl due to the very different look as compared to photos on Houzz. Could this be sea pearl and look that different?
  • meghnt

    I get your doubt...It does look very different from sea pearl...but it does have a quartzite like appearance; so it could be just mislabeled. The only way to know for sure is to test the stone. Do the scratch test and also test it for staining and etching.

    I think the stone we ended up with is not quartzite but most likely a marble. Hubby caused an oil stain while I was away :( I think my countertop needs to be sealed every 8-10 mths...in hindsight i would go with quartz as it’s less maintenance...

  • remodelingincali

    oh no...i was hoping you had good luck given you were so diligent about researching and testing the stone. I've held off on quartz as I really like the look of the natural stone, but everyone I like says they have the risk of etching and staining. I really hope you can get the stain out. your counters are beautiful. I think I will follow your advice...

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