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Garage placement rule of thumb?

Allison M
5 years ago

We recently purchased land and are in the design phase. Due to some particulars with the lot (size, setbacks and existing well location), our garage will have to be further forward (closer to the road) than the house is. I'm wondering if there are any rules of thumb with how much further out the garage should be to look the most proportionate? I don't have elevations, we're still working through plans, but I was hoping to get an idea from the experts here. Our house will be about 52' wide - two story craftsman style with a porch (likely 7' deep). The garage will be about 24' wide. If the garage sticks out about 10' further than the porch (17' from the house) will that look ok? Should it be more staggered? I don't want to go less as I don't want the house to be too close to the road. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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