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Are free standing bathtubs a passing fad?

January 3, 2018

Do you think free standing tubs are a quickly passing fad or not? Trying to decide if we want to replace the drop in tub we have with a free standing tub...Here's a pic of what I mean by free standing tub.

Comments (22)
  • palimpsest

    To some extent, probably yes. There will always be bathrooms where they look great, but the trendy aspect is when they are shoehorned into a smaller bathroom just because they are the latest.

  • acm

    People hate cleaning around them. They look great. Depends on your value of those two things...

  • PRO
    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    Wouldn't say they're a fad, but they need the right space to make sense.

  • PRO
    Justice Homes

    Our customers in the midwest love free standing tubs. However, they take extra planning for proper installation and may be more challenging for elderly people.

  • ninigret

    they are a fad because every style of bath tub has been and why should freestanding tubs be different? they were the original... if they were so great why did other styles replace them?

    doesnt mean you shouldnt do it, but remember garden tubs? they were the bees knees.

  • Stephanie

    I think the free standing tubs look so pretty. Are they comfortable? Easy to get in and out? How hard is it to clean around it? Any ways to make it easier to clean or no?

  • Stephanie

    what is a garden tub? I think that's what we have- there's a step up to get into the tub (I've never actually used it)

  • smit2380

    I hope so. Unless you leave a ton of space around them, they are a pain to clean around. I am short and fat and have no patience for trying to reach areas that are too narrow to mop. In your pic, how are you going to clean between the tub and the window wall easily? That space looks so narrow.

  • cyndiego
    They seem like they would be dangerous for older folks to get in and out. Also impractical. Where does soap, towel, shampoo etc go? I like our drop in with a bench on the side. A place to sit, assist a kid in the tub, place items, etc. No point in having a luxurious bath if you can't have your novel, bubble bath and towels handy.
  • nicole___

    I'm in Colorado, the Midwest. Claw foot tubs & freestanding tubs will ALWAYS be in style. We're cold...we sit and soak. Hot tubs are a BIG deal here too. The spa designed bathroom ....bigger....better...what's not to like!?! (we put little tables next to the tub cyndiego)

  • PRO
    Attaway Homes

    It truly depends on the style of your home. Freestanding tubs can have a traditional look to a very royal, elegant look depending on the style of the room.

  • palimpsest

    They should be designed so that a sponge mop, a Swiffer, or a vacuum fits the width between the base and the wall comfortably.

    The above looks very elegant in the pictures but the few I have seen in actual use have been ruined for me by the clutter of junk that most people surround the tub with rather than putting things away, which gets old.

    A $5000 tub surrounded by discount body wash from Target on the floor or a table and loofahs hung by Command hooks

    That kills the look for me. People who have the clutter around them like that seem to visually screen it out and not see it after a while. I can't.

  • Amanda Smith

    I love my Roman tub with it’s built-in surround. Plenty of room for bath supplies. I had two grab bars installed for safety. I would not want a freestanding tub.

  • Jeff Meeks

    If you actually take baths then I think they are practical and can look very nice. But I always shower and so would never have one as they don't seem very practical for showering.

  • Helen

    Insofar as they've trickled down into the middle class, I think they will go the way of Jacuzzi tubs.

    They are meant to be placed in large bathrooms and probably in homes with well trained housekeepers. Do people really want to have to clean under, between and behind their bathtub? I had a clawfoot tub in college as have no desire to repeat the experience.

    When squashed into even a normal bathroom in a space really designed for a drop in or alcove tub they make absolutely no sense.

    And they are completely nonfunctional if you are less than agile or on the short side because there is a high surface to lift your feet in and out of.

  • K Laurence

    We have one, came with the house, have never used it. I find them impractical.. if I had had a choice , I would have opted to omit it. Mine just interrupts the flow of my large & otherwise beautiful bath.

  • Stephanie
    What do you think is the most comfortable/practical style bath tub for an adult size person (ie not for kids bathing)?
  • m_gabriel

    I love my freestanding tub! I like the way it looks in a bay window alcove and i love the shape of it and the high sides for sinking into. For me, it's just what I wanted and so much prettier than the off center built in tub that was there before.

  • Heather N

    I don't see how they could be a quickly passing fad when they've been around for over 100 years!

    I love the look of them. I dislike the functionality a bit in that there isn't a place to put anything - shampoo, soap, etc.

    Our freestanding tub is very deep and I don't love it because I like to prop up my ipad on the side of the tub and watch Netflix while taking a long bath, and there's nowhere to do that easily in a deep freestanding tub. Even if you put a little stool next to the tub or get one of those bath caddies that go across the tub, you can't really see the ipad screen because it is up so high.

  • heatheron40

    We have a clawfoot and I love it! We also have an old house. I find a long soak to be very relaxing. As for the shelf for soaps, we extended the window sill with a piece of Corian. Our shelf stays clutter free, until DD comes home from college then an explosion bath paraphernalia comes out of the woodwork!

  • Karenseb

    I love soaking in a claw foot tub, but I find them difficult to get in and out of. I much prefer a drop in tub with a generous deck that I can sit on and swing my legs in or out of the tub when entering or exiting the tub.

  • Helen

    @Heather - They are a trend as they have only recently been installed in new homes.

    Clawfoot tubs had a niche in terms of people trying to recreate a true period bathroom but no one installed free standing tubs in modern bathrooms until several years ago.

    Given that they aren't really functional except in the original enormous bathrooms they started appearing in or are a design element in a period bathroom which a homeowner is willing to deal with, I would suspect they are a trend as people realize that built in tubs are far more functional - just as people realized back in the 1920's when Kohler introduced the modern bathtub as easier to clean.

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