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Help decorating above TV

January 8, 2018

Please don't mind the toys or cartoon (snow day here in Cleveland!). I am stumped as to how to decorate above the TV since it is a corner and I feel like wall hangings would look strange. It's the only spot that's bare so it kind of stands out and bugs me! Any ideas appreciated :)

Comments (15)

  • mindshift

    How about a curtain wall behind the TV and cabinet? Hang simple, lightweight curtains on BASIC hardware that can be bent to the angle of the walls. Those in the mockup below are standard length, but you could probably find the longer floor to ceiling length as well.

  • cpaul1

    Items of furniture should never be at an angle in a corner. Find an appropriate wall for your TV.

  • patterson1599

    Wow. I have none. Thanks for your 'help'

  • PRO
    Porter Design Company

    Try placing the media console flush along the back wall but keep your TV on a slight angle - I think this would be the best solution using what you currently have assuming that you will be able to see the TV with your existing furniture arrangement. The wall space on the left will then be more open to hang prints/artwork.

  • chloebud

    I think Porter Design's suggestion sounds like a possibility. If not, and you keep it as is, I wouldn't put anything above the TV.

  • acm

    I have no trouble with the angle, but I wouldn't hang anything above it. Not all space has to be filled, and TV walls are inherently busy, with plenty to look at.

  • felizlady
    Your family thanks you for placing the TV at a good viewing height for everyone.
  • Irene Morresey
    Some ideas
  • Stacey
    I think you could fit it flush against the wall and then put a swivel thing under the tv?
  • Stacey
    Maybe add crown molding?
  • Denita

    ^Maybe add a built-in like this corner piece shown above?

    ^Or something smaller like this one?

    ^or have the TV on an articulating arm.

  • Steven
    Place the TV about 4” higher than it is on a levitating arm. You’ll feel like the wall is more balanced and you won’t lose any functionality
  • shirlpp

    Did you try pulling the cabinet forward and then angling the TV, rather than pushing it back. I'd then add a piece of artwork on the wall, or shelves - depending upon what's on the other side of the fireplace.

  • jbtanyderi
    Mount the TV on a swing arm, and use hidden wiring.
  • teamaltese
    Learn to love the serenity of the empty space. Seriously, not every wall needs decor. With the fireplace right there, it’s already a bit crowded, and any more stuff will make it more so. If you must have something, have a carpenter build you a floor to ceiling cabinet/bookshelf, and mount the tv there, on an articulated arm.

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