Where could we sell New Gas Fireplace does not fit with our mantel?

3 years ago

We are located in Goshen, NY (Orange County, NY) and are looking to sell this new fireplace, as it does not fit with the mantel we chose. Could anyone provide advice on the best way to sell it other than Craig’s List? Appreciate the advice!

New Gas Fireplace (Propane) Majestic Quartz Direct Vent

o Never been used; Still in original boxes

o Reason for selling is because it does not fit with the mantel we chose

o 1 Majestic Quartz Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplace 32" LP Model

o Reflective Black Glass Interior Panel

o Contemporary Conversion Kit (includes Diamond and Onyx Glass and Stone Kit)

o Glass Firebed - 2 Bags of Bronze Glass

o Simple Remote

o Fan Kit (extends the heating range of the fireplace)

o DVP-Trap 2 Pipe (to vent off rear of the unit)

o Cash and pickup only (Goshen, NY

Picture from the website

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