Ten Quick Tips about Modern Kitchen Renovation

3 years ago
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What Experts Are Saying About Modern Kitchen Renovation
A kitchen comprises of many different items and each of them is necessary to ensure an integrated, modern design offering seamless functionality. However, as easy as it may sound, coming up with creative ideas for achieving this purpose can be confusing and overwhelming. That is why here we have shared ten quick tips for modern kitchen renovation that will make you fall in love with your kitchen every day.

1. Light it Up

Using just overhead lighting may not be sufficient for your kitchen because they don’t spread light equally across the space. Since they are fixed in the ceiling, they may cast a shadow on your work-space, considerably affecting your vision.

2. Integrated Sink Tops

f you have a stainless steel countertop, you should get integral sinks custom fabricated for better functionality and appearance.

3. Carefully Choose your Counter Space and Surface

You need to give serious thought to choosing your countertop surface.

4. Think about the Trash

5. Storage Space Everywhere

When planning for kitchen remodeling, utilize all the vacant space in your kitchen — every nook and cranny of it.

6. Evaluate your Power Needs

Make sure you have enough power outlets and sources for new appliances.

7. Let go of the Old Appliances and Items

onsider allocating budget for new appliances and items to ensure a consistent look and feel.

8. Range Hood may be a Nice Addition

9. Don’t Forget about Safety Measures

10. Make Room for Movement

Regardless of the design of your renovated kitchen, you should put functionality over aesthetics. Whether it is L-shaped or galley, be sure to properly plan the sink, cooking range, and fridge in a way that they form a triangle with more or less 6 feet distance between them for ease of movement.

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Source: Tango Design Studio