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First year and I am amazed!

February 13, 2018

Winter sowed for the first time this year and just can’t believe it!! Why did I not know about this before? I have sprouts everywhere! What a wonderful, natural way of doing things! Look at my babies!

winter sown rose seeds!

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  • pearlgirl

    I can imagine that you ARE overwhelmed....just as I was a few years ago. Thanks

    to Trudi with her wonderful knowledge and instructions. My problem at first,

    was sowing too many varieties. After all, there's still work to be done once

    they germinate and grow. I haven't started yet. I have a ton of good seeds, though.

    Good luck!!!


    gagalzone8 thanked pearlgirl
  • gagalzone8

    I did show some restraint when sowing this year, but next year...look out!!

  • scott_madison Zone 5a- Madison, WI

    I was amazed as well the first time I ever tried winter sowing. I have sown seeds for many years.. Always under lights... And had to deal with weak spindly seedlings or damping off. The first year I decided to try winter sowing I kept saying to myself..... This will NEVER work here in zone 5. Surprise... what I discovered come spring was impressive. Since then I have winter sowed several varieties of seed I never had luck getting to germinate.... Among them primroses, snapdragons, fragrant Violets and and a bunch of other hardy perennials. I'm sold on the technique!!

    gagalzone8 thanked scott_madison Zone 5a- Madison, WI
  • mnwsgal

    Hurrah for your first time winter sowing germination! This is the easiest method of starting seeds that I have ever used. Your photos have got me thinking about getting a few containers started this year. Not sure what type of garden I will have this year in my new place but will start a few for pots on the deck.

    gagalzone8 thanked mnwsgal
  • whatis123 Mo.(6)

    Congratulations, so happy for you ! The best reward ever !

    gagalzone8 thanked whatis123 Mo.(6)
  • deannatoby

    I know. It's sooooo empowering, isn't it? I just think about all the $ I save with WS. Now that I WS I can't believe that easy things like Echinaceas grab $10-$20 at a nursery for one single plant.

    gagalzone8 thanked deannatoby
  • scott_madison Zone 5a- Madison, WI

    Deannatoby... I have an area in my yard that is very poor soil, dry, stony. But it is very visible to me and all the neighbors. I decided to try a bunch of echinacea, liatris, rose campion, verbascum and other dry loving plants from seed. I WS them all with great success... Planted them out... Watered well the first year to get them established and now they are beautiful every year. Some reseed like the Rose campion others are perennial. I shudder to think what I would have had pay out for plants f m the greenhouse. Did it all for pennies. I actually work at a garden center.... And I often will talk to customers about the winter sowing technique. Some seem.... curious, maybe. Most people look at me horrified...as if I just told them to put their prize orchid out to freeze. I really doubt anyone ever gives it a try. Nobody has ever come back to me saying..... Hey, that WS thing you told me about really works. If anyone ever does come back and say they tried it.... I'd probably turn blue from surprise!

  • deannatoby

    So so so so true. People are NOT often willing to try something new. Very discouraging in so many areas. I wonder what convinced me to try it. Thinking back, I think it was probably the rave reviews from gardeners on GardenWeb that got me excited. Maybe that’s what it takes—several people all insisting that it’s a miracle. And then, just maybe, we might give it a try. ;-). This trait pollutes every area of our lives, it seems. Well, at least we can be glad we have nice gardens now!

  • Nancy Olsen-Harbich

    I have been "talking up" winter sowing for years, but only a few people have bought in (and one of those will only do it if she can prep the containers at my house- she hates the mess!) I think the reality (in my area anyway) is that most people head to the garden store, buy an assortment of plants and some mulch, plop them in and consider that gardening. They do NOT want the work of starting from seed.

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  • imahappymess

    Roses look great, I will try some next year!

    gagalzone8 thanked imahappymess
  • ladyrose65

    Congrats on your seeds!

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