question about furnace and a/c installation

February 18, 2018

Hi all,

I have some questions about an installation of the interior part of a residential heat and a/c unit. This is for a residence and it replaced a pre-2000 unit.

The basic parts are Goodman and include, as per the registration certificate:

  • 16 SEER AC, 4 Ton GSX160421 ( the estimate was for a 3.5 ton to replace a 3.5 ton, and just noticed they actually installed a 4 ton -- another thing done wrong)
  • Cased A-Coil, CAPF4961D6 (48d-60d, 30" wide)
  • Multi-Pos Natural Gas Furnace, GME80805DX

The initial installation was done in June 2017, and I thought the furnace installation didn't look right. The filter was smaller than the unit, and the installation just looked sloppy to me. Here's a picture of the initial installation as it looked in January 2018.

And here is a picture of one of several places where the tape and sealant were coming loose already. This is at the top of the coil part of the unit (it's updraft, so this is the connection to the plenum I think it's called).

So when I called them back to set up the six-month service (at eight months; I'm pretty busy), I mentioned these issues, and that I thought the furnace was noisier than it should be for a new unit. They came out and said they would have to pull it out and reinstall it. They also said it was not level.

It was reinstalled February 9. It's on the right size filter box now (I think), but to me this still looks like really sloppy work. Here's the filter box where it meets the furnace.

There's no sealant like this on the other side because it's too close to the closet wall. Here's where the furnace and coil unit meet, looking up to see where the seal is already coming apart.

And here is the coil part meets the plenum (and the plenum now has no insulation), with the sealed area already coming apart.

The tape and duct sealant are on the left side, but not on the right, and air is leaking from that side. This is a picture of the right side where the coil meets the duct/plenum.

So is this standard work quality? And shouldn't the pieces (the filter box, furnace, coil, and duct) be sealed with gaskets or some sort of better seal than just this kind of take and duct sealant?

thank you for any responses you might be able to provide. I'll be looking through here for pictures of installed units to see what they look like.

regards :)

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