Help with patio design for 1930's Spanish home

Astrid C
2 years ago

It's me again, seeking some advice from you brilliant people! Honestly I've gotten better information from GW than I have from many of professionals I've met with. They all seem to have some sort of agenda, ya know?

Anyway, I'm trying to narrow in on some patio design ideas and I'm having a hell of a time here in San Diego. Designers have turned me down because its too small of a job (and probably also my neighborhood, though I love it to death, is considered by many as 'the hood') and "design/build" firms keep trying to pitch things that I said I didn't want. (Like, didn't I just say I don't want a Trex deck? Or any deck!)

I've attached a few picture of what I've got now. Don't mind the paint job! It's getting redone this week.

As you can see the existing patio is enclosed by a U-shape and is accessed by my living room. The busted up cover and lattice have definitely got to go! I am hoping to bring it out further into the backyard in order to be able to enjoy the sun during the day and even eat outside in the summer. I would like to fill in the dirt corridors that are in the U-shape as well as they are pretty useless.

I actually like the red cement patio which is original to the home.

What I need help on is figuring out is what material to use for the patio and what to do about a cover. For the patio: cement? Saltillo tile? Some sort of rock or pavers? It is important to me that it doesn't clash too much with the vintage style of the home. The cover: Should part of it be solid or just provide a little bit of shade? It's already kind of dark being so enclosed until you get past where the lattice currently is. Pergolas are popular here but the standard type is muuuuch too bulky.

All advice and ideas much appreciated!

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