Homeadvisor sent a convicted felon to my home

3 years ago

Homeadvisor sent a convicted felon to my homeSorry guys if this is in the wrong forum etc. I feel i had to share this as I wish someone had told me before I used their service. I hope no one falls prey to their negligence.

Short version:
Beware, Homeadvisor makes claims to only offer safe, vetted, local pros that have been background checked.
I used their service and they sent a felon to my house and family. Joseph Croughin, or FLA Aaphalt llc, used false identity and address bypass homeadvisors checks. He is a convicted felon including grand theft, burglary, public drunkenness etc with a history including violence.
Homeadvisor's contractor attempted to scam me but was thwarted by my cameras.
Still, homeadvisor's contractor left me with a damaged driveway and a loss of our safety and piece of mind.
I have had extensive contact with homeadvisor and they refuse to fix their security issues or any damage to my property and security.
Again, homeadvisor is NOT safe, ANYONE, any CROOK can register on their website if they use someone elses name. there is NO photo verification!

Long version
I used Homeadvisor to find a paving contractor for a driveway. HomeAdvisor's website caught my attention with claims listed all over their website: "Screened and approved" "verified" “Trusted local pros" "back ground checks" etc to name a few. It sounded great, I was relieved and comforted to know these people were trustworthy and highly rated.

HomeAdvisor sent one of their recommended contractors to my home who I ultimately hired, FLA asphalt LLC. FLA asphalt is actually soly operater by Joseph Croughin, a felon convicted of grand theft, burglary, public drunkenness etc with a history including violence. I believe Joseph Croughin tried to rob or scam me.

Homeadvisor and Joseph Croughin left me with a damaged driveway, loss of our sense of security and safety. Because of homeadvisor's negligence, I incurred the cost to have our driveway replaced, purchase a security system, security cameras and close our bank account.

I first contacted HomeAdvisor that evening, 2/12/18 to report the event and get the full name of owner of FLA Asphalt. The HomeAdvisor rep did not know the name of the person under FLA asphalt. The next day I spoke with a manager, Charles Jordan who promised to look into the matter, but never called back or returned my two voice mails. On Feb 22nd, I spoke with John Willard at homeadvisor because he left me a voicemail claiming to have resolved the issue. John told me he agreed Joseph Croughin likely used another persons identity (james white) to bypass homeadvisors background check. However he refused to continue any pursuit or further investigation of Joseph Croughin, even using the excuse, "Im not the police". John at homeadvisors so called "resolution" was that he simply blocked Joseph from ever registering again. I asked, "what if Joseph uses a different name again(or different email, different payment method)?" To which John had no answer, other than "we dont claim to be perfect". Somehow my bank, my wireless carrier, doctor offices, the online order pick up at stores, even turbotax etc are all able to verify my identity but homeadvisor has admittedly ZERO protection against using a false identity! And yet that is exactly what they are advertising: Safe, vetted, trusted, screened, background checked, verified reviews... claims listed all over their website and tv/radio ads. It took 3 weeks for homeadvisor to remove FLA asphalt's profile, and they still refuse to investigate or pursue the fruad they agree happened.

I am posting this to warn people of the dangers of using the site homeadvisor. Their claims of safety cause you to lower your guard when dealing with a contractor. Always remember to protect yourself no matter who vouched for the company/person standing at your door.

mug shot

News article

Polk county sting:

other arrest http://eastpenn.thelehighvalleypress...0/state-police

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