Do you really need to depersonalize a house to sell it?

March 15, 2018
last modified: March 15, 2018

After reading several articles on staging a house to sell it, I would have little objection to most of the sage advice...except perhaps the removal of all personal items. I think there is a balance between "sterilizing" a house and demonstrating its livability.

Granted family photos and the like should be gone, but while watching house-selling programs on TV, it seems that not all buyers can project their own needs with any strength of vision. There are numerous examples where the otherwise 'perfect' house was eschewed because of a green wall or some other readily fixable 'flaw'.

So the question is, How do you let potential buyers 'see' how a room or outdoor space can be used without personalizing it?

We are situated on a canyon and have populated the moderately steep hillside with fitness stations and garden-scale board games connected by hill-taming paths...agreed it is quirky, but it demonstrates that, in addition to the views, the hillside is a usable and fun environment.

Should we depersonalize the hillside?

If you are curious the games, on roughly 4ft x 4ft boards, include: Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Tablut, 'Marble' Solitaire, Mancala and Nine Men's Morris. The fitness stations are the usual sit-up, pull-up, press-up Vita Course entries.

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