Clearing trees from wooded land for new house questions

Wayne Smith
4 years ago

Hello. We have purchased 155+ acres. The previous owner clear cut the back 35 acres and re-planted. No problem there.

We plan to build in another section. We've worked with a builder and we are building a house (about 6,000 square feet), a detached garage (about 900 square feet) and a basketball/sport court combo (about 75 x 40 I think is that measurement).

That part of our lot is currently 100% woods. Our driveway is about 1,300 feet off the road so we will be clearing the driveway.

I've told the builder that I don't want any trees able to fall on the house, the garage, or the basketball surface/fencing/lighting. We recently had a 9 year old die in our area by a "mature" tree blowing down and crashing through his bedroom at 2am. I simply don't want to risk a tree falling on somebody or something we've built.

Based on our needs, and counting the driveway length, it looks like we'll be clearing somewhere around 1 acre to 1.2 acres. The rest of the 155+ acres we are leaving untouched.

That's still a good clearing of some trees. Aside from shade, are there potential problems with clearing that many trees? I've read on some sites about the soil having surprising changes because the trees are no longer absorbing moisture that they used to, creating unpredictable results. I asked my builder about this issue and he tells me there is no problem and that he will be clearing/grading it accordingly. I guess I'm still worried about cutting that may trees (stumps and all are being removed) and wondering if any soil problems could occur that impact the house. We'll be living off a well for water (out in the country) but I'm more concerned about some unforeseen water issue impacting the house somehow. Anything to be concerned about here?

Note, I'm not looking to get into a debate about whether to cut down a tree or clearing land, so if you wish to have such a debate about the value of a tree, keep on moving.


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