Review of The Heather Farm & Classic Minature Roses (Canada only)

This is my review of The Heather Farm & Classic Minature Roses, (Canada shipping only)

Highly recommended!!!

I ordered six miniature rose plants at the end of February, customer service was excellent, they emailed to say they would like to hold off on shipping due to extreme freezing temps, which I greatly appreciated because the number one priority is to keep them alive.

Soon after once the weather warmed up, they sent the tracking number when the package was in the mail. Roses arrived from BC to AB within four days. All ordered roses came, no replacements needed.

The roses are of excellent quality, healthy, fully leafed out, in 9cm pots. Some roses were larger than I had expected, planted in taller pots, with the plant measuring about 8" tall. All have great established healthy root systems. They have clearly been grown in the same pots they were shipped in. Excellent condition of plants overall: no cold damage, no yellow leaves, no disease or pests.

My order was well packaged, the cardboard box both stapled and taped, labelled perishable. Each rose plant/pot wrapped in newspaper and packed tightly into the box. Very minimal soil disturbance from shipping. Shipping costs were very reasonable, $15 for the parcel to be delivered from BC to AB.

The website has an excellent variety of miniature roses. The only inconvenience I had was in using their website, depending on how I navigated the site, sometimes items would disappear from my online shopping cart. Browsing page by page seemed to reduce this.

I definitely would consider ordering from The Heather Farm again in the future. This has been one of my more positive experiences with mail order live plants.

Here are photos of my order:

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