Karndean Korlok -- Looking for Reviews

March 23, 2018
Hi -- my husband and I are debating on installing the Karndean Korlok vinyl planks (Canadian Urban Oak) in our dining room and kitchen. We're a little hesitant, since there aren't too many reviews regarding the Korlok system. I'd love to hear some feedback on the product. TIA

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  • ptemplet

    The manufacturer does not recommend acoustic layering underneath. We had acoustic layering put down and had to pull it up, it caused condensation to form on our plywood that is what caused the buckling I mentioned in my previous post. The manufacturer says this because of its cushioned backing. Just an FYI, we are in a raised house. The low spots we had to pour fiber reinforced self leveling compound to level out any low spots. But ours looks really pretty.

  • ptemplet

    Sorry for the grainy pictures I had to try to use my MacBook pro camera.

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  • kat943

    Here are some pictures of Kardean's Baltic Limed Oak. I really like the color and pattern; it will blend in most color schemes. I opened the nearby French doors so some direct sunlight hits the floor in the second picture.

  • sierra400

    Stunning! I am so excited to check out pricing at my local stores for this product I think I have found my winner! :) everyone’s floors look amazing

  • Angie Silagy

    I was so happy to read all of the above posts. I just came back from the Karndean showroom here in Dallas and the lady couldn’t have been more helpful. I learned so much and came home with large samples that were free. We are renovating a condo in Florida and I am terrified of having to manage wood and it’s upkeep, especially in a kitchen. I got to see several of the floors in their showroom actually laid on the floor which was a great help. This will be so easy to maintain and with so fee repeat patterns, it looks amazing!

  • Shaun Goncalves
    We are also looking at having Korlok installed. What do you clean the floors with? Do you use Karndean products or other commercial products? Do you know if you have to use the remove or refresh products?
  • Diane Romano

    I’m also interested in the cleaning of the Karndean Korlok. We are contemplating getting the Reserve. I’ve read where Karndean suggests using the remove and refresh every 6-12 months and it seems quite laborious. Has anyone felt the need to use this process? Has anyone had problems removing/cleaning footprints/smudges from the Korlok product?We are considering the Karndean Korlok Reserve Natural Oiled Oak pattern.

  • jjhammond50

    I just had the Korlok Reserve Natural Oiled Oak installed in a condo last week and it is really beautiful! But ,I am also wondering about cleaning. Right now I am waiting on Karndean products to be delivered.

  • Diane Romano

    jjhammond50 can you post a pic? I just brought the Reserve Natural Oiled oak sample home again today. Just about to purchase but am a little concerned it’s too light ...hoping to decide this week. My retailer seems to think it’ll be easy to clean but I’d love to hear what owners of the Karndean Korlok have to say about cleaning. Anybody?

  • sierra400

    Yes would love be to see the oiled oak installed, please share pics

  • Neil Meads
    We are looking to install korlok - either the North American oak or Baltic limed oak. However, we would also like to use the flooring on our basement stairs - has anyone done this, and how did they get matching bullnose (edge) pieces (we understand that Karndean do not make those for the Korlok system yet)?
  • Diane Romano

    Jhammond50. I see a slight pinkish tone to Natural Oiled Oak. Do you see it in your installed floor? Would love to see a pic of your flooring. Ready to order tomorrow and now considering Canadian Urban Oak. Love the look of Natural Oiled oak bit concerned with color. Thank you.

  • Lisa Somero

    Annied75 - I live in Michigan also and am being quoted $4.75 for this product. Are you able to share what showroom had it in stock to lower the price?

    Also, Kelly DeLong....I see you installed this product on your stairs. I was thinking of putting carpet on the stairway as I would afraid the LVT would be too slippery. Can you tell me your experience with having this product on the stairs? Thank you.

  • annied75
    Lisa -- it was DeGraaf Interiors in Grand Rapids.
  • Lisa Somero

    Wow .... prices have gone up. I got my cost from the DeGraff Interiors in Jenison. Thanks for getting back to me.

  • annied75
    If you are having them install, then the price is higher (for some odd reason). You can see if they have a cash-n-carry price. When I checked, they had the Canadian Urban Oak and the Butternut in stock at a reduced rate.
  • annied75
    I forgot to add -- check with DeHaan Flooring and Complete Flooring. They may have better pricing.
  • Kelly DeLong
    I did not put the Canadian Urban Oak on the stairs. I don’t think you can install it on stairs because it is a floating floor. I love the color though it is very versatile dark blond with a slight bit of grey.
  • Kelly DeLong
    I have it in a beach house with lots of sand. It is in all the bedrooms hall and ran it into the bathroom and we all love it. To clean it I vacuum then use a flat microfiber mop from Bona with warm water and a drop of dawn dish soap. I see no footprints or marks on it at all. Very easy to wipe up anything. I would avoid chemical cleaners. I was testing it this summer on the bedroom level to see how it held up. I am going to be going over an existing 3” oak plank floor on the main level instead of refinishing it. Wood is just too much maintenance and scratches and water issues everywhere. I am all about low maintenance these days!
  • Lisa Somero

    Annied75 and Kelly DeLong - thank you both for your help - much appreciated!

  • katmaz27
    Neal Meads I installed Baltic Limed Oak on my entire downstairs area and I absolutely love it! Its late now but I can answer any questions you have tomorrow.
  • sierra400

    Anyone have installed photos of Washed Grey Ash? I am now waffling between Canadian Urban Oak and Washed Grey Ash. I have nixed Natural Oiled Oak because it has pink undertones. I am looking for flooring thats a medium brown, but on the lighter side of medium with greyish undertones--but not something TOO gray, more of a warm grey if that makes sense? Nothing too golden or reddish brown...

    I also was quoted an unbeliveably low price (under $4/sq ft) from the online retailer American Carpet Wholesalers. Has anyone heard of them? Purchasing online always makes me nervous.... but I am having difficulty finding the Korlok product available near me.

  • PRO
    J. Wells Interior Design, Inc

    @kat943 does the baltic limed oak look sparkly and shimmery in the sunlight? We have a full plank sample and it seems the clear top layer that has the wood embossed pattern on it sparkled unnaturally in the direct light.

  • Deanna Wallace

    Does anyone have pictures of installed washed grey ash?

  • Tracy W

    Love my floor. Have Antique French Oak downstairs- kitchen living dining laundry. Great decision.

  • Diane Romano

    Thanks Tracy! I cannot wait for my Karndean Korlok install.

  • Liz R

    Really glad to hear good reviews about the Korlok flooring. We brought home samples of Warm Ash and Baltic Limed Oak this weekend and are hoping to make a decision soon. I've read mixed reviews on Karndean but the Korlok seems to have favourable reviews.

  • Lizzy J

    Has anyone installed and have pictures of the Washed Butternut? I love the color/tone but concerned about the prominent grains. I was going to go with the Canadian Urban Oak but the couple of sample boards I received looked so much darker than the pictures online.

    Also, what is the difference between the Korlock Select and Korlock Reserve besides the size? Select indicates 5G locking whereas Reserve says 2G locking. Anyone know what this means?

  • Winnie M

    Does anyone have photos of installed Provincial Oiled Oak? We are trying to decide between that and the Antique French Oak.

  • Linda G

    Has any one installed Korlock Select over concrete floors with hydronic radiant heating? I am wondering if the heat will transfer through vinyl as it does through ceramic and wood.

  • Joey Taylor

    i have a sample of the Korlok Select Washed Butternut RKP8108. The color is pretty good but the way it reflects light gives off a very plastic sheen.

  • Linda G

    After seeing a sample, I agree it looks plastic. Nothing like real wood. Any suggestions on engineered hardwood as far as quality brands?

  • Joey Taylor

    Here's what the Karndean Korlock Select in Washed Butternut RKP8108 looks like next to some other samples I had laying around.

    (Top to bottom, Left to right)

    1st Row

    • IPE (tropical hardwood)
    • Garapa (tropical hardwood)

    2nd row

    • SuperCore Moose Lodge
    • SuperCore Elkhorn

    3rd row

    • SuperCore Solitude
    • Korlok Select Washed Butternut RKP8108
    • SuperCore Natural Maple

    4th row

    • SuperCore Bulletproof
    • SuperCore Arctic Circle

  • Lisa Foreman

    Curious if anyone has any pics of the texas white ash installed? Thank you!

  • Chrissi
    Does everyone still love their Korlock???
  • Diane Romano

    We love our Karndean Korlok!

  • Diane Romano

    I’ve tried to attach a photo several times without luck. just submitted via phone..for some reason can not attach from ipad???

  • Diane Romano

    Karndean Korlok Canadian Urban Oak

  • tmelliot

    Hi there, I'm from NZ and I'm about to purchase the Kardean Korlok Canadian Urban Oak. The product has just been introduced in the market and unfortunately there is no showroom with the product laid. My biggest concern is to know if I will feel a soft and relatively warm underfoot in the winter. People here are all about carpet or timber flooring. Could you please assist me based on your experience? I've seen some comments from 2018. Has it been any changes of your flooring performance since your first installed it?


  • Diane Romano

    Hello tmelliot. It’s softer than hardwood and relatively warm, not like carpeting but not cold like ceramic tile, for sure. It seems to retain the room temperature. We love the Canadian Urban Oak flooring. It stays amazingly clean, almost as if it repels dirt. I mop it and my mop doesn’t show hardly any dirt, whereas our hardwood seemed to absorb dirt....i could never get it really clean. I vacuum and dust it regularly with a hard floor vacuum and the unscented dry Swiffer. It always looks fresh and clean. We are very pleased overall with the product. I think you’ll love it.

  • jemagson

    tmelliot - Did you have this installed? We are just about to install in our whole house? Also in New Zealand, Wellington. We picked the Australian Ghost Gum colour

  • owentommom

    Have any of you installed this flooring on your stairs? I'd love to see pictures. Do they make a matching flush stairnose trim? What did you use? Thanks!

  • sylvie7311

    I'm worried about scratching? Has anyone had any issues with the Korlok showing scratches from dining room chair, for example? (or anything else!)

  • hmw707

    I’m deciding bw the korlock antique french oak, provincial oiled oak, and sundown oak (which is glue down only). Has anyone decided to go with the glue down? If so what are the advantages?

  • jojorose

    I'm looking at Korlock Warm Ash, but worried about "click and lock" buckling with large square footage. Anyone have this experience? I've heard this is not an issue with glue down LVP.

  • Diane Romano

    jojorose, we had our entire first floor laid with Korlok click and lock about 6 months ago and absolutely no buckling, no scratches, with proper pads under furniture. We’re very happy with it.

  • jojorose

    Thanks, Diane... how many square feet did you do? The installer is recommending "thresholds" for 2000 sq feet to reduce possibility of buckling, which in my mind defeats the purpose of having a seamless looking floor throughout.

  • contrarylee

    RKP8217 Ivory Brushed Oak being installed on multiple floors. Here's how it looks

    I really like the way it brightens up the home. And it gives the rooms a modern look.

    Will add pictures later today

  • Diane Romano

    Jojorose, we had about 1400 sq feet installed and no thresholds. I’d contact Karndean direct and inquire.

  • squirt48

    I will ordering the Korlock Reserve gray oiled oak soon. Originally, I had planned in more brown tones but my kitchen remodel has dictated otherwise. Hoping I love it.

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