Staging house for sale?

April 3, 2018

We are preparing to sell our home. I’ve killed myself on Pinterest looking at home staging, and now I feel inadequate and super overwhelmed. Anyone want to look at my pictures and offer suggesstions? I thank you kindly

in advance!

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  • PRO
    Vesta Homes, LLP
    • Add plants/greenery

    • Add blankets

    • Add neutral and accent pillows

    • Remove the wall mirror and add multiple prints (pictures)

    • Add a coffee table with a tray in the middle accent with home decor accessories such as a pitcher with flowers or antique books

    • Remove wall mounted tv and center furniture around fire place

    • Make the room feel cozy, leather couches need to have warmer accents

    • fireplace accents, mirror is the center anchor, the lanterns are the sides and the greenery is the filler

    • softness to couch

    • coffee table accents/ centered on fireplace

    • added softness to leather couch

    • Prints above leather couch

    • Prints above the couch, coffee table accents, added softness to leather couch

    • Greenery and accents on coffee table

    • Coffee Table Decor, Centered on Fireplace, Fireplace decor

      Prints above the couch

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  • My3dogs ME zone 5A

    More lamps. If you lowered your curtain rod to the woodwork surrounding the window, would your drapes/curtains almost touch the floor? They are too short.

    What is the open area in front of the dark wall/behind the love seat used for?

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    Do you have a home to move in to NOW? IF you do, this might be the exception to staging and an empty house might be the way to go. Leave it to the imagination of the new owners. OR leave just the nicest things in each room. I have seen card tables set up with a beautiful cloth and two nice chairs and that is IT in a dining area. Just a bed with a beautiful quilt in the bedroom......skimpy, but nice and it will still show the size of the room, too. Maybe pretty towels hanging in the bathroom and kitchen. A few canisters on the counter for color.
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    Our agent provided us with services of a stager. She is not one of those who do up every room including setting the table and having Champaign poured in the master bedroom. But she did say that people like to see if a bed will fit in a small-looking bedroom, for example, or as someone mentioned above, how an odd-angled room can be furnished. She helped pick colors and other finishes for painting etc. But as far as staging goes, she was pretty light handed. I think we are keeping minimal furniture in the home during the sale process. I think if you are trying to sell a premium property you might need more staging. I think if you have a home in the median range plus or minus 50% you don't want to junk it up with a bunch of stuff. I also read something that Margo alluded to - a while ago on Trulia I believe - there are two kinds of people that look for homes: the kind that want to see the house empty and the kind that simply are unable to imagine for themselves what a bedroom is supposed to look like unless you stage it for them. So whatever you do, you will alienate a percentage of the house hunters out there. I guess that's why we got the advice we did. Minimal furniture so the second group can see yes, a bed goes in this room. And the first group can do their own imagining.
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    Unless you are selling the furniture piece with the house, I think it needs modification. Can the top portion be removed? Today's trend is more likely to set a TV atop that bottom section or hang it on the wall above it. Try hanging the round mirror about 5" above the mantel. Looks like you have a floor outlet. That is a biggie, so I'd try to find a sofa table and lamp to place behind the large sofa and utilize the plug. Put down your rug and let's see. If may be too small, but on my monitor the color looks similar to your sofa. Take a photo please.
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  • valeriec
    You really should repaint your accent wall either a light color or preferably the same color as the other walls. The room feels small and dark with your leather furniture and black wall.
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  • Olychick

    Are these two separate rooms or different parts of the same room? In the first pic, I would definitely rearrange the furniture, centered somehow on the fireplace. The tv is mounted in such an odd position, I would take it down, maybe do without it while staged. If I were looking at that room in a house I might potentially buy and wanted to have a tv, as it is now, it looks as if there is no place to mount it that wouldn't be awkward.

    On the plus side, both pics show a roomy, neat and clean home with nice floors and window/light. I'd probably paint the accent wall the same as the rest of the walls. I wouldn't worry too much about the accessories or decor - people will easily imagine their own things in the rooms.

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  • chloebud

    Obviously your market area will dictate what's required for selling. We're in Southern CA, and most homes in our area are selling for the asking price or more. The best thing you can do is to declutter and clean. Looks like you've done both.

    I agree with Olychick...people will imagine their own items in the rooms. When we bought our current home the decor/accessories around the house, though minimal, didn't phase me in the least. The house was full of crazy busy wallpaper, and I could easily look past it. We just had it all removed as soon as we moved in.

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  • Denita

    Are you still living in the space or have you moved already?

    Light, bright, clean and organized are the goals. This is a case where fewer items in your space work better than more items. You don't need to fill up the rooms.

    Right now, I see too much furniture all grouped together making the space feel much smaller than it could. I agree about the drapes being too short which is not a good look and the TV looks crammed into the corner. Best to remove it entirely. You are selling space so you want to make sure what you have fits and it fits well.

    If you don't feel comfortable rearranging your furniture, have your Realtor help you.

    If the Realtor doesn't provide that service, there are staging companies that will re-arrange your own furniture for a low fee.

    Here are more examples, in addition to the above, of staged properties so you can see what I mean.

    Beaconsfield Living/Dining Room · More Info
    ^Very simple staged LR here with sofa, area rug, two chairs, coffee table and side table. Lighting and art help greatly but you don't need to fill up the walls. The drapes are floor length, not short and not so long they puddle.

    The Historic Ely Building · More Info
    ^Same concept.

    Make sure the main rooms are staged well so you grab the buyers' attention. Most people have a tendency to put in too much in the way of furniture and stuff. Put together your room and then edit again.

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  • auntthelma

    The love seat has its back to the person entering the room. That is offputting. It feels like a wall preventing us from entering the room.

    Center the sofa on the fireplace. Perhaps put the loveseat in storage.

    You are looking for open, airy and no barriers. Make it easy and comfortable to walk through.

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  • girl_wonder

    It looks like you've decluttered, which is half the work (or more). So kudos for that. I also thought it would be nice to have the furniture grouped around the fireplace. Some people really want one and that would make it more of a focal point. Also, it's hard for me to really understand the layout, but it seems like right now, people would be walking down that hall, seeing the back of the loveseat and the end table. It could be grouped so it was a more open flow from the hallway into the room w/ the fireplace. I think that could make the room feel larger too. (since the space behind the loveseat seems like unused space right now. But maybe I'm not reading the pictures right)

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  • tqtqtbw

    Nice and uncluttered, but I'm confused. Is this one large space or two? Yes, please unmount the TV. Place it on the table.

    Please stand over by the dark wall and take a picture looking toward the fireplace. What is behind the dark wall?

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  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    put the buffet, under the tv, under the clock on the blue wall. remove the tv from the corner and put it elsewhere, or at least remove during open house. situate furniture around fireplace and make that the focal point. yo want the room to seem bigger, not a closed off portion in the corner.

    arrange your sofa and chairs like this, or something on this order. put rug in front of fireplace, like in the pics

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  • katinparadise


  • RNmomof2 zone 5

    Wall mount TV brackets leave HUGE holes in walls. It may not be easy to take down the mount, patch holes nicely and repaint just that area.

    Agree the curtain are too short, do they look better opened? (Same hole issue as above),

    Remove one of the rugs, bring in some brighter colored pillows or accents, Move the small barrel chair wedged in by the fireplace.

    The house looks clean and de cluttered. That's the hard part! Good luck

  • Claire Buoyant

    Do I see two different leather sofas, a love seat and two chairs plus three rugs in this space? I am trying to relate all of this to your fireplace/space in general?

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  • apple_pie_order

    Time to do more with less, and make some easy changes to appeal to many buyers rather than decorate for yourselves.

    Put the black furniture in storage. Center the brown furniture on the fireplace. Put all the rugs in storage. Put the tv on the console and touch up the paint. Remove the macrame hanging and the fur throw. Paint the navy blue walls the same light color as the other walls. Then add some warm tan accents such as two pillows and one throw blanket, using the colors of the horse art as a guide. Add flowers to the table for open house (not toddler-proof).

    You've already done the hard parts of cleaning and decluttering. It will shine with some new paint, fewer upholstered things, and just a few accents.

    If you want more help with the dining area (or kitchen) on your earlier thread, just start a new thread.

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  • Susan Davis

    You have done a great job of making the house clean inviting and bight. If you are concerned then hire a stager as you have gone as far as you feel comfortable with....if you are not concerned, then show your realtor and ask for his opinion and go from there.

    My daughter has paid to have her house staged and both houses pretty much sold above asking and in less than a month.......They moved to their new home and let the stager do their magic...the houses looked amazing! It is worth the money and lack of stress.

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  • arcy_gw

    Depending on your market staging is only icing. This is a sellers market so all you need to do is be sure your home is clean and maintenance free. The idea is to make your room look like the buyers could do anything they need to in the way of furniture. Your room is very large. Use it all. Your seating area is crammed into the far corner is not doing it justice. If you want to take the TV with you, I would removed it now and clean up the holes. Neutral paint so the buyers don't have to put "paint living room" on their move in list would be a plus. Be sure your curtains are open, they are too short having them open will camouflage this and natural lighting is always a plus. The over head light fixture is very unique. Unique isn't a crowd pleaser. Again if you do the work to swap it out with something more generic that is one less thing for the buyers to have to put on their list of fixes. The longer the "fix" list the less desirable your house is. In the end price, location and if your home has the lay out they prefer will be what sells your home.

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  • tqtqtbw

    I hope OP comes back. I'm intrigued by the spaces and think the pieces can be rearranged.

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  • Geneviève

    Staging in my opinion looks so fake , when I walk into a house I like to get that homey feeling . A clean house is what and mess free house is what you should worry about most , you can remove the extra things but leave some of your personality in it. Your living room doesn't give a welcoming feel ,you have moved things taking away the gathering atmosphere that a family creates . To all of you professional designers out there keep in mind that people live in houses and that most of us watch TV in our living room ,so why do you take them away or try to hide them ?

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  • slourdes

    There was a really good article on Young House Love about staging yesterday.

    I think your house already looks really compared to a lot of the ones I saw while shopping for a home. A lot of the advice above sounds more like decorating advice rather than staging advice. I'd just remove the gray thing by the TV and fireplace (a chair?) and take out one of the black accent chairs. Less furniture = more open space.

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  • er612

    I can't tell if the seating in the fireplace room includes two loveseats or a sofa and a loveseat so here are options for both...
    No need to mount the TV. Just set it on top of the buffet. Check Craigslist for end tables.

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  • Denita

    If that FP room is supposed to be both the living area and the dining room, you will need to show where the dining area is located. Buyers can be a little funny in that if they don't see the area they think it's not there. Is the wall with the clock the dining area or is that somewhere else?

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  • er612

    Try moving the neutral rug from the fireplace room to the non-fireplace living room.

    You could also switch the furniture...

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  • oaktonmom

    I guess the house must have already sold since the OP never came back.

  • tqtqtbw

    That would be delightfully fast, since the first post was two days ago. :-)

  • my_four_sons

    It’s so annoying when people take time to write out thoughtful posts, include relevant pictures and diagrams, and the original poster just bails. Rude..

  • tqtqtbw

    It hasn't been that long and things do get busy. I'm still hopeful OP will reappear. I've seen some other staging post and the rooms have been transformed with minimal new purchases. People usually have some things around that can be used.

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  • mystarz

    WOW everyone! I checked this multiple times and had NO RESPONSES underneath my post. I don't know if I had a glitch that day or what since it looks like there were actually responses here. Thank you all for your input. I'm going to read all these and get to work!

  • pennydesign

    Mystarz, sometimes that happens here...Houzz is very glitchy....posts appear disappear and reappear...

    I suggest a new, generic light fixture in the living room. Then you can take that one with you. Paint the dark wall (do you have paint left over from the other walls?)

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  • mystarz

    I've had a few of my posts disappear also! I checked and checked this and there was nothing, and just assumed I must have gotten buried under other posts.

    For reference, these are separate rooms. One is a room right off the entryway (orange rug) that leads into the kitchen. It's an awkward space because there is a bathroom and closet on one wall, the large window, etc. My house was built in 1965 and the doorways are super narrow, making it not possible for me to swap my furniture. The black furniture can come out, but the brown furniture cant be brought in.

    Fortunately I do have that paint, and I've wondered about painting that wall for awhile. It was my husbands idea and he loves it. Unfortunately these responses definitely reaffirm the decision that it needs to go, if we hope to move out.

    My house did actually semi sell. We received an offer but it was crappy. I will do all I can that was suggested. Unfortunately taking the tv off the wall (plaster) is going to be pretty bad. I don't know how realistic that is currently.

  • mystarz

    Trying to answer some of the questions, that open area you see behind the brown couch is a walkway. The walkway leads into the dining room, so that whole blue rug area is a living room. It's large and I've tried to "zone" it many times, but that fireplace.... it's a pain for me. The TV can only be placed on that wall, or the wall behind the couch. I'd love to not have a TV in there so there isn't dueling focal points, so maybe I should consider moving it.

    I did do some rearranging so far. I definitely agree with new curtains. I'm a picky and an indecisive Libra :(

    Our realtor is honestly no help. They told me not to do anything. Our market here is picking up and the inventory is getting low. I'm in a good position to sell. This house has great bones, I just need people to see the potential. I bought my furniture before the house which was a rookie mistake on my part. This is my first home and I was excited to be adulting, so I went and bought furniture. I don't think it accents the space as well as it could, but I'm going to try to work with it.

  • pricklypearcactus

    Your space looks de-cluttered, clean, and large, which is fantastic for re-sale! You have a beautiful big window and a nice fireplace.

    I would move all of the furniture to center around the fireplace. Right now (at least in pictures) the room looks unbalanced as if you can only use the corner by the window and it makes the fireplace look awkwardly located in the room.

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  • Agnes
    Great work cleaning and decluttering! Take down and replace all lighting you want to keep. Put rugs in storage, you have beautiful floors. Recenter furniture. Add some greenery to make it feel inviting. Put clock in storage, hang art piece if need be. not understanding your layout and why so much furniture..are they all in the same room or 2 separate rooms?
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  • mystarz

    Two separate rooms. The room with the orange rug is the family room, which is directly off of the kitchen. The room with the blue rug is the “main” living room.

  • Denita

    Pull all your furniture in each room off the walls.

    Use the rug to ground the space using the style in the pic below. Fewer furniture pieces when staging is fine, in fact, preferred over having too many pieces.

    Balance the room(s). As it shows right now, and as mentioned above, the furniture is skewed to one side which crowds the space. Move the TV out of the corner. If you can, move it from the room.

    When you get the furniture placed, show us your space pics again.

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  • mystarz

    Thank you! My kids are very young and precocious, and move my furniture everywhere :( . Placing it on the walls was convenience for me, and those pictures are so helpful for me to see how this is not ideal. My husband is very resistant to this process but I’m going to do some work. I can shop my house a little bit and fill in the gaps. Everyone’s input is so greatly appreciated!

  • Denita

    One more tip: the drapes are too short. The drapes need to come to the floor. You can get very inexpensive drape panels that are longer online more so than in a brick and mortar store. Try

    Showing your drapes the way they are now hurts your staging. Here is a sketch to show you what works:

    If you are living in the space you want the drapes to have the ability to close. If you are staging, having panels to the side of the windows works just as well.

    Transitional living space · More Info

  • Denita

    Shopping your house is a great idea!

    Remember, not all the rooms need to be staged. You want the buyer's to want to come into your home so curb appeal is important, front door area is also important and naturally the first room the buyer views is important. Other important rooms are the master suite and the kitchen.

    For the kitchen super clean and uncluttered is the best route with a bowl of fruit or flowers on the counter somewhere and not much else on the counter. Keep the surfaces clear of clutter. Clutter is picked up by the camera long before we notice it as humans. You can do this. Buyers aren't expecting perfection, but are expecting clean and organized.

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  • tqtqtbw

    Posting and working it out on Houzz is very helpful since most people shop for homes online first. You don't want potential buyers to be confused by your pictures.

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  • mystarz

    In this photo, this is what you see walking in from the front door. There is a step down from the entryway/front door.

    This is the view directly to the left as you step down into the living room. That brown loveseat will get moved- just need some help. This wall is the navy blue one. You can see there that it’s basically a large walkway into my dining room.

    Standing in the corner of the room, directly next to wall of windows. You see the step up to the entryway off to the right, the left step by the fireplace goes into my dining room.

    So this is both the lightest and largest rug I have. I left it because I have small children who play frequently in the living room. I hope it doesn’t detract too much from the floors. I also shifted the furniture farther over to accommodate the fireplace. I will get some lighter throw pillows, as the ones I have are very dark. I have some new curtains coming from Target that will fit the windows properly. I’m going to give my best shot at getting that TV down! I also have a round mirror coming for above the mantle. Just wanted you all to see I appreciate your help!

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