I've read so many threads about drawer depths and can use perspective

April 3, 2018

Below is one side of my kitchen in an Ikea plan. Tons of drawers but I'm wondering how to use them efficiently. I'm planning a visit to the store and measuring but I believe that the deeper will have 8" in height available. My widest pan is a 15" ECI skillet but it's rarely used and could go in the cabinet above the ovens. My most used is a "French oven" that's a hybrid of a sauté and rondeau and 13" rim to rim. My next would be 11-12 inch skillets. The pressure cooker is 8.5" tall without the lid. Do you think more deep drawers for pots and pans is a better use?

The pantry is on the left. Would using dividing bins in the lower drawers, say one bin holds diced tomatoes, be more efficient than a few shallow ones?

Some people love drawer in drawer but I've never used them. I'm not sure what I think but I'm leaning toward getting more shallow drawers rather than pulling out twice.

I'm getting close to finalizing and ordering. For some reason, I feel like my enjoyment of the dang kitchen hinges on drawer depth! I think a mix would be great but my brain has frozen over and I can't visualize how to make them look pleasing together. Instead, they're little soldiers lined up in a row.

The opposite wall is the cleanup zone. DW, sink, DW, 36" drawer base for silverware and dishes, uppers for glasses and serving dishes. It's steps away from the dining room.

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