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'Aloe' plants of 2018, please let's see them!

April 10, 2018
last modified: April 10, 2018

Do you grow Aloe Vera plants? Do you have many and some of different kinds?

Please let's see what your Aloe plants look like for the year of 2018.

Here a just a couple of mine. More to come later)

My variegated one that was all brown starting to take on all types of colors.

My Brown Aloe

Comments (75)

  • Nil13 usda:10a sunset:21 LA,CA (Mount Wash.)
    Here's one of my hybrids. It's a nice black.

    myermike_1micha thanked Nil13 usda:10a sunset:21 LA,CA (Mount Wash.)
  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    davez7anv, to me it strongly resembles Aloe deltoideodonta 'Sparkler'. Keep water out of the center of the plant--more than any other Aloe in my collection it doesn't like that.

    Nice black indeed, Nil13.

  • ConnyNL (The Netherlands, 8b)

    Still THE favourite of all my aloes: A mitriformis variegata

    myermike_1micha thanked ConnyNL (The Netherlands, 8b)
  • Krista Shaffer (Philly 7b)
    I don't have many aloes, but they are definitely growing on me. The first image is a Mosaic that I got as a trade recently. The second image is a Aristrata pup that's grown up and now pupping herself! The third image is of Black Gem, I believe. These pups are the darkest I have grown.
    myermike_1micha thanked Krista Shaffer (Philly 7b)
  • Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

    Okay, took pictures today. Still inside. Weather forecast is calling for more snow. Too warm to stick but still too cold to bring plants out. I don't think summer is coming this year!

    ConnyNL, your Aloe mitriformis variegata looks just like my Aloe maculata saponaria. I guess many variegated types look similar.

    Still got lots more but can't load more. Window space is at a premium here. Not showing my Gasteria and Gasteraloe collection. And a ton of Haworthias.

  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    You need more windows, Stush!

  • nanzjade z5 MA

    Aloe vera 'Soothing Stripes'

    It seems like it's at a standstill of growth because there has been few days of sunlight. This morning I looked outside and the ground was lightly covered by snow, my plants and I can't take much more of this.

    myermike_1micha thanked nanzjade z5 MA
  • Crenda 10A SW FL

    nanzjade - my friend in Wisconsin sent me this. I remember those days! I hope the end of this is near for you!

    myermike_1micha thanked Crenda 10A SW FL
  • nanzjade z5 MA

    Love it Crenda, thanks for the laugh! I can almost see myself in that pic too, just add a warm jacket down to my feet. Honestly, I avoid snow & the cold like the plague.

  • tanpexoctics Willis

    Here is my Aloe ramosissima I think its going to grow good this season.Base is starting to thicken up nicely

    myermike_1micha thanked tanpexoctics Willis
  • Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

    Tanpexoctics, Love that green house. Did you make it yourself? Can you show more of it? How do you heat it? That aloe is growing into a tree!

  • myermike_1micha thanked tanpexoctics Willis
  • Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

    Yes, I remember it now. How sad my memory is failing me. I had the very same idea redoing my back porch.

  • tanpexoctics Willis

    Its been working good I do heat just little when night temps are little low but plants don't winter in it

  • Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

    When temps reach a low of 30 at night then 50 during the day, How well does it hold the heat at night?

  • Jeff (5b)

    I have a hard time with Aloes. This is a x nobilis that I'm showing only because I want to ask if it looks thirsty to you. It's not as plump as when I got it a couple of months ago. I recently started watering it every few days. It's in 1/8" pumice and lava rock. The pup is new. (blurry phone photo)

    The pot looks huge because the wide angle lens is so close.

    Seed grown that's finally starting to grow after being stagnant. 2" pot.

    Two different plants from a seed mix. I seem to be doing better with the little ones.

    myermike_1micha thanked Jeff (5b)
  • nanzjade z5 MA

    I don't remember their names

    myermike_1micha thanked nanzjade z5 MA
  • aloebot

    Crenda, I've never been a fan of A. 'Pink Blush' or similar when I've seen it in the 3" pots. Seeing it in the ground making a nice ground cover (and in full sun even) I have a new appreciation of it. Thanks for showing it.

    HoovB, I need to work out a trade for a cutting of your A. megalacantha aff.. I have over 150 of the usual suspects (sp.) to choose from. Drop me a line if you have any must haves.

    Conny, that A. mitriformis varig. is really nice. Most specimens I've seen of that plant get rusty looking or start to look like they have Aloe mite. Yours has such bright colors and looks super clean. Very well grown!

  • Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

    Jeff, Love that new little seedling. If it ever pups, keep me in mind for a trade.

    I know some here will protest but I believe that conditions mean much more than potting mix. Warm and more water will improve most aloes. Must have proper soil microbial and nutrients than any thing else. I use a more gritty mix because I over water during colder months. I think your A. nobilis looks fine. Better to be less water than too much. Wait till you can give them a summer vacation outside.

    Aloebot, My A. maculata saponaria variegated if given direct sun turns nasty looking. Black spots and leaf dehydration. I must keep it in bright light away from full sun. Takes a year to correct itself. I guess it's the same with most lightly variegated plants. I have extra pups if your looking for one. Just postage only.

  • Jeff (5b)

    Stush, thanks for the feedback. Very appreciated. Do you think my second photo looks like an A. 'Peppermint'? That's from a seed mix too, and to me it looks exactly like yours. Is it somewhat common? I'll keep you in mind, but which one were you referring to for a pup? Just have to wait 2-3 years for the little ones.

  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    aloebot I have plenty of aff. megalacantha to share, but can't figure out how to email you.

    myermike_1micha thanked hoovb zone 9 sunset 23
  • aloebot

    If you have the bell, shopping cart, and your houzz at the top right, you can use the bell to see a personal message. To make the message you click on the persons' name (example; hoovb zone 9 sunset 23) and when their profile pops up there is a bar on the top right that says message. Click on that and it has that persons address. You then title your message and type in what you want in the box and send.

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  • SoCal Stewart (San Diego, Ca Zone 10A/10B)

    Great aloes everyone.

    These aren't mine. I took these pictures when touring a private garden in Fallbrook. I think the smaller one is dorothea. Does anyone have any idea about the bigger one in the 2nd & 3rd pictures?



    myermike_1micha thanked SoCal Stewart (San Diego, Ca Zone 10A/10B)
  • aloebot

    2 and 3 might be A. cameroni.

  • Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

    Jeff, It was the last two pictures you showed. Looks like something that eats mice. I don't have real names of most of my collection due to being from a seed mix also. Some purchased cheap at big box stores were ID'd on the pots they came in. Some for mail order and some gifts are positive ID's.

    myermike_1micha thanked Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6
  • myermike_1micha

    Nil. is there any way you can e-,ail me? Would love to ask about that 'b;lack; aloe...Thanks a million!

    Deniso, could I possibly purchase a small pup of that bottom pic Aloe you spoke of?

    My e-mail is mikerno_1@yahoo.com

    Thank you!

  • socks

    Bue elf

    Christmas carol, a favorite

    A. nobilis....in the ground now, it quickly outgrew this pot

    Unknown, got stepped on, had zero water in nursery

    Twilight zone. December 2018

    Twilight zone. Feb. 2018

    myermike_1micha thanked socks
  • stupidlazydog CT zone 5b/6a

    Well, all of you are enablers! This just arrived in the mail...

    Aloe castilloniae

    I seem to be drawn to bumpy, spiky, gnarly aloes :-)

    myermike_1micha thanked stupidlazydog CT zone 5b/6a
  • Jeff (5b)

    sld, very cool. Like an Aloe for mesemb lovers.

    myermike_1micha thanked Jeff (5b)
  • aloebot

    Dog, I just got one of these too. I have been wanting it for some time. I found one small enough that I didn't feel like it was a rip off on price. I still need to re-pot it.

    myermike_1micha thanked aloebot
  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    Must be a castilloniae baby boom in progress.

    myermike_1micha thanked hoovb zone 9 sunset 23
  • Jeff (5b)

    It's still 2018, right?

    All from a hybrid seed mix. For any flowers, there a thread for September blooms. I didn't have any this year.

    Interested to see what this one looks like when grown up. Very rough and sprawling.

    This is a few years old, but its growth was stunted for a couple of years.

  • Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

    This needs bumped up.

    I purchased some nice variegated Aloe nobilis. The almost all yellow one is having a hard time. It came with out roots but now has a good root system.

    And doing well with seeds of Aloe peglerae. Got 19 out of 24 seeds.

    They are endangered in their home in Africa.

  • Jeff (5b)

    Very nice Stush. I had no idea there was a variegated nobilis. I like how they're yellow and not cream. Good job on the seeds too.

  • ewwmayo

    After 17 years, I have gotten an 'Aloe Crosby's Prolific' to bud! No idea how long the inflorescence will be, that will be interesting indoors. The mother plant(s) of this offset were my first succulent ever. =)

  • nanzjade z5 MA

    That’s awesome Kevin, congrats! It's definitely worth a celebration. Cheers!

    Aloe nobilis variegata.

    No ID. I love its blue hue with pink edges.


  • Matt z5b GH 9b

    ewwmayo congrats, but 17 years whaaat!!

  • ewwmayo

    Thanks Nancy and Matt!

    It took me so many years to finally learn how to grow Aloes (and succulents in general) well enough for them to reliably flower. All my other Aloes flower regularly so this one was really a triumph!

  • davez7anv

    has anyone grown this one-seeds are offered just as white aloe vera-very handsome i think.

  • Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

    Almost all seeds from variegated plants produce all green type. With so much lack of green that one would be hard to grow.

  • Rob Blomquist

    I have a few dwarf aloes due to space considerations. Mine are all under lights during the winter. Seattle light is very poor for succulents in the winter. I also tend to collect species rather than hybrids, but I have both. Seattle is a lousy place to buy aloes. Onward to the plants:

    Aloe 'Walmseys Blue'

    Aloe dichotoma, a tree aloe.

    Unkown Aloe hybrid?

    Aloe bellatula

    Aloe striata

    Aloe sp.

    Aloe juvenana

    Another unknown hybrid

    Aloe brevifolia

    Aloe sinkata

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    I got this pot of succulents off the clearance rack. They were overwatering them. Is this an Aloe? Can anyone ID it? At least it has made a bloom stalk :)

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5

    Typical SouCal Aloe marlothii PIG'd - about 15 years old. Thanks to Peter Griffith, this best beastie must have some busy hummingbirds.

  • stupidlazydog CT zone 5b/6a

    Aloe babies...

    'DZ' x 'Peppermint'

  • rina_Ontario,Canada


    yes; plant with flower stalk is aloe - can't tell ypu exactly which one, because there are many hybrids looking very similar.

  • tanpexoctics Willis

    One of my Aloe dichotoma' s is growing like a weed which is fine by me

    Grew from seed back in July 2016 it is now 14 inch tall 12 inch across

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5

    Tan, that's looking very fat and happy. Someday, you're going to have this.

  • tanpexoctics Willis

    Lol if I live another 50 or much more

  • Crenda 10A SW FL

    I have a bunch of Aloes blooming. Most haven't yet opened, but I like this shot. My Aloe x spinosissima in the front and Aloe rooikappie in the back, between the trees!

    I'll try to get some more pictures when the flowers open up. I have 10 inflos on my A. 'Blue Elf' plants and 8 on my pot of A. dorotheae. And I have 7 Aloe vera plants blooming this year! It would really be dramatic if they all opened at the same time!

    Hummingbirds should be happy!

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