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How was this 2017-18 season for your Camellias?

totoro z7b Md
April 14, 2018
last modified: April 14, 2018

I only got one ugly flower from my best Camellia October Affair.

Lots of bull-nosed buds.The previous season was bad too.

Compare to 2015-16 when I actually got two flushes out of OA. Here is the first

I am assuming it was the crazy weather but wanted to compare notes with others to see if I am doing something wrong. maybe it is declining because its shallow roots don't like being in the rose bed surrounded by nepeta walkers low

It gets morning sun and is a sheltered spot from wind

Comments (4)

  • luis_pr

    I started getting bloomage in October from my sasanquas. Then in December we tanked to the teens so the camellias stopped blooming. In January, the japonicas started blooming but a dip to the teens again stopped that. Blooming began again in March. One sasanqua actually had two leftover unopened buds so for the first time ever, I saw that sasanqua and its next door neighbor (White By The Gate, a white japonica) both bloom at the same time. Blooming is now petering out from almost all of the camellias.

    I do not get bud drop most times when in the teens although this year I saw some buds that were damaged partially (for example: one of the buds' petals was brown but the rest were green). Lowest temp was 13F; 2nd lowest was 15F. I tend to mulch them 2-4" and water them deeply on the night before these nasty temperature drops. Hopefully that helps them.

    I typically do not need to protect the flower buds from early morning winter sun.

    totoro z7b Md thanked luis_pr
  • Dave in NoVA • N. Virginia • zone 7A

    From fall through spring...

    C. oleifera

    Leslie Ann


    Gov Mouton

    Jerry Hill


    RL Wheeler

    totoro z7b Md thanked Dave in NoVA • N. Virginia • zone 7A
  • totoro z7b Md

    Thanks Luis. I think I need more mulch and more water.

    Wow, Dave. You clearly did not suffer any setbacks.

  • Pv Picotte

    Wow- beautiful - you are a master camellia grower!! Thanks for pics.

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