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Pls help!! Scratches on my new marble floor!!

9 years ago
I have a big concern that I need help with. My contractor have finished the whole bathroom remodel with cararra marble floors, we have not sealed the marble yet. As I'm cleaning off the dusk on the walls and floor and the tiles, I see that there are many scratches on the marble floor. He told me to see if the seal or if there is any other way to get rid of the scratches first. He also told me the marble is very easily scratches if you walk on it, get sand on it, etc. - I do not think so.

Can someone pls shed some light on this? Is there a way for us to polish or get a machine to get rid of the scratches? In general has anyone heard of this issue. Just want to understand if its common or not? We are very upset since we paid so much money for this marble but I expected it to be ok if it is sealed and taken care of properly. :( not right after installation! It's not that noticeable unless if u stare at it - I attached a pic.

Can you guys pls tell me if ur contractors were very careful in the past or if there's any way to fix?

Thank you!!!

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