No one has the right to delete someone else's comment

Elmer J Fudd
April 20, 2018
last modified: April 20, 2018

Several of my comments, and some written by other people, were "deleted" by another user in a different thread this evening. I believe they were within the terms of use and violated no forum rules. I can't be sure but I believe this was done by someone who deleted some of their own comments in that same thread. A person who has deleted their own comments, and those of others, a number of times before.

If there's something you think you don't want to say in public, don't say it. If you post a thought and then people respond, it's rude to then delete that which people have commented on. Or to delete responses you don't like.

This is a moderated forum and, OF COURSE, the forum's sponsor (Houzz and its employees) can do whatever they want. This comment doesn't pertain to them. If I'm mistaken and the changes described were made "by management", then I apologize. But I don't think that's the case. If it is, I hope they'll say so.

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  • mamapinky0

    After reading this I ran to my post. I see Rhizos post is gone and I think one of Elmers. I didn't do it. Someone told me months ago that if a post is flagged it will disappear. I tell you now I did not do it. I suspect I know what has happened.

    Someone, I don't know who wanted to show support to me so they flagged posts they seen as being offensive. Actually I think I even can guess who it was.

    But it wasn't me unfortunately I have no way to prove that.

    So talk away. Some of you will believe me and some won't .

  • mamapinky0

    One more thing if a post can be removed by hitting that flag would someone hop over to my thread please and hit the flag on my original post.

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  • Lucille

    Rhizo I seem to remember your comment was about privacy,(am I remembering right?) and was well taken.

  • OklaMoni

    That explains, why sometimes I read a comment that is made for "another comment" but when you scroll up, the original comment is gone.

    Yep, there is a forum police person...

  • mamapinky0

    Actually Rhizos comment did not offend made me feel ashamed because it was so...true.

  • Debby

    If I want to delete a thread I started, then replies or no replies I'm deleting it. But I don't think I've ever even tried to delete a comment left by someone on a thread I've started.

  • sushipup1

    You cannot delete your own post that started a new thread, not after a short time.

  • Ali

    Debby, I think there is a limited time to do so and if you have regrets and delete almost immediately, it's your choice. Usually others haven't invested their time and effort to participate yet. It's a whole different story when a person doesn't want to hear a view different than their own.

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    As stated previously, you cannot delete someone else's comments, only your own. And there is a time limit involved.....when you can no longer edit your own postings then you can also no longer delete it. Not sure what that time limit is - never paid much attention - but it does exist.

    All you can do to someone else's comment is to flag it as being spam or inappropriate/offensive. Once that happens, it is in the hands of Houzz administration as to whether the comment remains or is deleted. IME, removal or deletion by the powers that be only happens if the comment is particularly egregious or rude or a personal attack. Or if it is obvious spam......they are quick to follow up on that one!

  • Scott

    Goodness. You should take a glimpse at the Hot Topics board. This issue came up there recently.

  • Ali

    removal or deletion by the powers that be only happens if the comment is particularly egregious or rude or a personal attack

    That is a valid reason, but more often than not, that is not the case.

  • mayflowers

    You only have an hour to delete a thread you've started.

  • nickel_kg

    Ali, how do you know if a comment was deleted by Houzz after being flagged, vs being self-deleted by the person who made it? Is there a way to tell?

    edited to add: It's a beautiful day so am going outside to "delete" some non-native, agressive weeds from the garden. If anyone cares to delete them for me, come one over! :-)

  • jrb451

    I'm not aware of any public forum on any web site where the comments of one poster can be deleted by another.

  • Lucille

    Craigslist, but it takes multiple users to delete a comment or post.

  • nicole___

    Now I'm wondering who this person is? They work for HOUZZ "and" post here?

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    nicole, anyone can flag a comment made by someone else. But the only ones who can actually delete it are the Houzz administrators. Not the same entities at all. And you may never know who flags what - that is not public info although sometimes you can deduce that on your own :-)

  • matthias_lang

    You know what? There is a "test forum" somewhere for testing out posting techniques. If you'd like to see how anyone can delete others' posts by flagging it for moderator review, then several people could gather in the test forum, post gibberish and allow others to flag/delete your post.

    Hmm, I think I'll go find that forum and start a thread there so anyone here can safely test out flagging/deleting so you can see how it works.

  • matthias_lang

    So, if interested you can now go to a thread entitled, "KT: Would you like to try flagging/deleting a reply?" It is at

    There, flag/delete a reply, then make a reply.

    Ha-ha, I just learned something else. It is possible to "like" one's own reply. I saw I had a like on my reply above and was curious to see who had given it. Duh, I did it myself somehow.

  • Jasdip

    Darn, I missed the action.

  • nicole___

    Me toooo Jas......yes, if they deleted their own post & others...they work for HOUZZ.

    Elmer is quite clear...he's not talking about flagging.

  • Elmer J Fudd

    You didn't really miss anything important, jasdip. The remnants of what remains undeleted from a discussion and now has a different sense because of the deletions is in the thread entitled "OMG..." .

  • rob333 (zone 7a)

    I too missed the action jasdip. Kind of glad!

  • imstillchloecat

    The OMG thread is gone too.

  • lindaohnowga

    imstillchloecat, I noticed that too. I hate seeing posts disappear.

  • ghostlyvision

    Elmer, if you think it's possible for the person who started of a thread to delete other posters' comments, why don't you do a test, you began this thread, see if there is any way you can delete another poster's comment. Also try flagging a post and see if that makes it disappear, it's an easy way to allay your fears. You might mention whose post you flag (for testing purposes) just so no feelings are hurt should that post disappear.

  • Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 4b

    What was the subject of OMG?

  • Suzieque

    Mamapinky herself asked for her posts to be removed due to too much info in them. That’s why the OMG post is gone.

  • graywings123

    Elmer, from what I know of you through your posts here over much time, I'm surprised you thought it possible someone could delete another person's post.

  • tjkeen

    graywings, in essence a person did get another's posts deleted, otherwise OMG would still be here.

  • graywings123

    The moderators can delete posts but, for example, I can't delete your post.

  • tjkeen

    True, but flag it and it will be gone. Mission accomplished. As they say there are more ways to skin a cat and someone wanted the post gone and achieved that goal by whatever means necessary.

  • Suzieque

    tjkeen, please read my post above graywings'. Mama posted on her OMG thread last night that she was asking the mods to remove all of the posts she started. SHE is the one that achieved it.

  • tjkeen

    I can read, Suzieque. I know she achieved it and I did see her post last night about getting the post deleted and the responses.

    What I find ironic is that people got upset when privacy issues were brought up. From there the thread took a turn to comments suggesting mp is wise enough and has a right to post whatever she wishes. Mp shows up and wants the posts gone due to too much info and poof, gone.

  • Suzieque

    Sorry, tjkeen. I didn't intend to insult you. I simply thought, from what you wrote, that you'd missed it. Your "I can read, Suzieque", seems a little rough. A "yes, I saw that" would've been nicer. Anyhow - I'll try to not make you cross in the future.

  • mamapinky0

    Yesterday morning I messaged Tamara. I've never messaged her before and had no idea if she's even still around. I request all threads I started be removed. I heard nothing back. Than I ask for help in the OMG thread about how to reach someone to have my threads removed. Poof the OMG was gone. I don't know if it was because of my message to Tamara or if someone with HOUZZ read my post or if someone at the KT messaged someone to help me. I hope that all my threads that I started can be removed. My wanting this removal has nothing to do with what anyone other than myself has said.

    Tjkeen the issue is I wasn't wise enough. I posted things giving to much info. I want it removed.

  • tjkeen

    Suzieque, I am sorry I didn't intend to come off that way and it was very rough and wrong. You didn't insult me, it was just that I was trying to be discreet in my previous post.

    Again, I am sorry. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  • Suzieque

    Thanks - and I was probably too sensitive; my apologies. It's hard to read feeling and intent in the written word. BTW, your pizza thread had my mouth watering.

  • CindyMac

    Tamara only works part time now. These messages were posted by Emily on Hot Topics last week.

  • tjkeen

    Suzieque, no you were not too sensitive, I was plain wrong. Rereading it makes me shudder.

    Yes, the pizza thread has so many good ideas. I made Jasdip's dough for some trial pizzas and I must say it is excellent. Thanks.

  • Lucille

    I hope that all my threads that I started can be removed.

    I hope for you if that is what you want that they can be removed from Houzz, but Google caches parts of initial posts.

  • mamapinky0

    Cindy thank you.

    Until last winter I never knew what hitting the flag ment. But I found out over a few week period when all of my threads along with others threads concerning me were being flagged. I found any post flagged is removed pending HOUZZ investigation.

    Ar far as I know I have never flagged a post. But I wish I could go back and flag many of mine. Lol.

    Someone said I think in the other thread that if I delete my name maybe my threads would disappear but the poster wasnt sure. No they won't.

    This will eventually get figured out. I suspect HOUZZ and the mods can work magic.

    In the future there will be no more threads started by me.

    I do have friends here at the KT lovely people. I'm not leaving. I almost did. Not because of any difference of opinion but because the frustration of not being believed. Yes it looks like I flagged posts in the other thread but I didn't. Of course only HOUZZ and me know the truth. I sure wish HOUZZ would intervene and tell you all I didn't flag the posts but I'm sure they won't. This is one of my biggest problems that had always irritated me about myself... I care what people think of me. LOL.

    Anyway lets get the spotlight off of me. I'm really not a very exciting person, quite boring in fact. I can't believe how many times someone has made me such a topic of interest. LOL

  • imstillchloecat

    Even if the thread is deleted, it's still "there" in many iterations, for whatever reason.

    For example: we have an elected official in my area who frequently gets on a neighborhood FB page and spouts random, inflammatory, argumentative, hateful crap. When she sleeps on it (or sobers up?) she goes through and deletes all her comments. But those comments are saved for posterity as screen shots, and are being used as a tool to have her recalled and ousted.

  • Bobbi

    Somethings end up in our filter.....There was a thread about rules and regulations, now gone, but there are certain things such as soliciting that is not allowed, and it is understandable for those to be deleted. When posts are deleted it tends to make the rest of the thread not make sense.

    I dislike when someone edits their post to an entirely different meaning, thus throwing off comments that follow. I am not referring to grammar or spelling mistakes.

  • mamapinky0

    Bobbi are you referring to the OMG post?

  • Bobbi

    No, any post in general. I don't recall any specific ones off hand.

  • mamapinky0

    Bobbi ok thank you.

    Can anyone tell me is the omg thread back again?

  • Elizabeth

    In response to the OP: Yes, other users have the right to flag posts for review by the moderator for possible deletion. There are rules here regarding remaining civil and occasionally a response can be quite vicious even with with lovely verbiage.

    I have deleted posts of my own when they are incorrect or are quite off-track.

    I would want no part of a forum that had no moderators as it would quickly deteriorate.

  • Embothrium

    Before I landed on GW many years ago I looked at several other, apparently unmoderated gardening forums that existed at that time. It seemed pretty much all the threads on these badly and immediately deteriorated into fights with capitalizations, exclamation marks and profanity,

    All over home gardening!

  • Elmer J Fudd

    Elizabeth A, comments that violate the terms of use, especially the spam posts that often appear in other forums, should be brought to the attention of management. Sure. But some people get upset with comments they simply disagree with, or, get upset with posts that disagree with what they themselves had said. I thought I'd clearly alluded to in starting this thread. That was what I was referring to and those are the situations where I think flagging someone else's words is very wrong.

    A conversation where only those in agreement are allowed to speak isn't much of a conversation.

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