You just never know...

Today was a lovely day! I planned a bus trip for the garden club to a plant nursery that specializes in water lilies and beautiful ponds. It was a very nice place, relaxing and zen. Then we had a delicious lunch. We all had a great time. The mother and daughter that are my house cleaners went with us. They loved it. They are wonderful ladies. OK so that was our day.

Those two ladies left my house and went home. They share a house with a friend. They have the upstairs. After they were home for a few minutes and didn't hear from the roommate the daughter went downstairs to talk to her. She found her in her bedroom on the floor dead!

Everything had been normal the night before at dinner and she was making plans for the next night's dinner.

They called me in shambles! They had called 911 and the coroner came out and took her away, an autopsy will be done.

I am just blown away. You just never know! I can't imagine coming home from a fun day to what they found. So very very sad.


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