Visitors and workers damaging homes

3 years ago

It seems to be mostly men. (Sigh.)

Yesterday a delivery guy asked to use the bathroom. This morning I barely touched a towel rack and it came out of the wall. It had been fine for 7 years. The only explanation is that he used it to support his weight, pulled it out of the wall and stuck it back in. He disappeared pretty fast after the delivery. (I know now that I should have installed wood blocking, and I will, but that’s another 4 hour job to add to my long list since I will have to go into the drywall again.)

Several years ago, a fence contractor used my deck to set up his power saw. All of the vibration made the deck fall apart faster and I ended up having to demo and replace the entire deck with a new one, footings and all. (I built the new deck myself).

When I had the door replaced, the guy dragged the old door down my composite deck steps (different deck) and shaved a bit of the composite off each step. When I asked him if he needed help carrying the door down the steps, he said no. (He had previously told me he was not a fan of composite decks.)

Someone used the electrical outlet in the kitchen for a power tool and jammed the plug in so hard it is now misaligned. I have to fix it.

Another jammed a furniture item we were moving out into another electical outlet and broke the plate.

Some of these are little jobs, but they add up. About 95% of the time I have a guy over to help with something, they break something and I have to fix it.

I’m careful, and I think women are careful. I used to have parties with men and women and babies and kids where nobody broke anything. Now I have come to expect that when a guy comes over, something will break and I will have to fix it myself. If I ask a guy to fix it, he would probably break something else.

If I put my home on the market, should I expect to have to fix something after every showing?

Thanks for reading my rant. I think my next house needs to be made of steel.

Is this mode of breaking things normal? Do I just need to set my expectations and learn how to fix everything myself? Because I am getting a lot of practice at some things (drywall, plumbing, electrical....).

I can do that. I can change my attitude. But that means I will hire fewer contractors and just learn how to do everything myself.

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