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Would you paint your house Red?

Shearer Painting
June 25, 2013
Would you paint your house Red? We painted this Seattle home in 1997 and returned to paint in 2013. Colors C2 Curtain Call and C2 Coconut

Comments (44)

  • Brenda
    wow - love it! just shows you how much tastes and styles can change in a short 15 years. can you show a photo from straight on the front?
    Shearer Painting thanked Brenda
  • PRO
    Great color choice for a more historical home.
    Shearer Painting thanked Dytecture
  • Gretchen Landin
    I like the red. In Seattle it seems earthy tones are used too often. I can see the windows better with the red and white.
    Shearer Painting thanked Gretchen Landin
  • Margo
    I like both but the red better;)
    Shearer Painting thanked Margo
  • kathryn Campbell
    Love the red and the white trim shows off the lovely windows so much better. The prior paint was nice also but the red pops that lovely home!
    Shearer Painting thanked kathryn Campbell
  • PRO
    Shearer Painting
    We had tested two different reds. In the end the darker version had an anchoring weight we liked and higher contrast with the warm white. Red is a complementary color to the green foliage

    Read about complementary color
  • Brenda
    the shade of red is beautiful ... honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a house quite like it. very successful indeed.
  • PRO
    Shearer Painting
    We introduced a third color around entry areas.
  • Margo
    With this photo you are losing me...going Christmas...perhaps a larger shot of it ??
  • Brenda
    yeah, not loving the green. sorry.
  • judianna20
    That red is so beautiful with the trim. Love it.

    Not the green, though.
  • Nancy Walton
    I think I would've gone black with the trim, but who am I to say?
  • PRO
    Durpetti Interiors
    Love the red! Not sure about the trim color.
    Shearer Painting thanked Durpetti Interiors
  • Jayme H.
    I like the red and white. Not sure on the green as I have not seen a shot of the "big picture"...such as the entire front of the home.
  • houssaon
    I like red on houses very much! I bet the teal green looks better than the picture. Great front door!
  • PRO
    LB Interiors
    I like to be individual. If red and stronger bright colors, bolder and dramatic. Softer, less of a statement.
  • PRO
    LB Interiors
    I like three colors if they work well togerther. Great architectural details, should be highlighted and noticed.
    Shearer Painting thanked LB Interiors
  • PRO
    Sundeleaf Painting
    Nice work, John! Definitely would paint homes red...depending on the home and neighbors! I agree with LB Interiors too that in most cases... I'm a 3 color fan.
    Shearer Painting thanked Sundeleaf Painting
  • PRO
    Shearer Painting
    Is that Mr. Sundeleaf himself?
  • handymam
    i'm sorry, I like both paint jobs! They both look great! :)
    Shearer Painting thanked handymam
  • parisgirl1970
    A stand alone color and home. Looks almost like an oxblood or a merlot. What ever shade this is. It's a beautiful look!
  • PRO
    Jackson Construction LLC
    You've picked the perfect shade! Much better than the old paint job!
  • Geneviève
    It looks good to me from here , I would need to see the rest of the houses to give you a proper answer .
  • lighow
    Love it!
  • southerntwinb
    Love the red and white! I'm dying to paint my one big dormer window red. This is really making me think that it would look great. And what a positive reflection of the person in the home. Red is such a strong, energetic color. Love it. I'd be iffy on the green touches maybe go greyer instead of a green with so much blue in it?
  • Amanda Konersmann
    Love the red!
  • bluenan
    I like the red much more than the previous color, but it's too merlot, too much of a blue undertone for me, I would have gone a bit more barn red, and I'm not a fan of the green, but all in all, very successful.
  • Ellen Fog
    I think it's gorgeous!
  • bumblebee728
    I love the chosen red!
  • PRO
    Gallery 815, Cynthia Daiboch Glass Artist
    Who is the mfg/makes that Awesome paint color?? And what is the Name/number ??
    Where can I purchase it??
  • decoratorz
    Love love love the red paint!!! Beautiful... What color and brand of paint ?
  • decoratorz
    Do not like the third color green it detracts from the house makes it look unbalanced and odd. The white trim is beautiful with the rich deep red.
  • selfmadecreations
    The red really POPS on your home with the clean crispness of white windows! It's the perfect shade of red too! I really LOVE it! ... I tend to agree with some of the previous posts. I'm not loving the green yet .I would love to see the big picture from a farther view when it's done. I do like your idea of a 3rd color accent. It will enhance the red and white.
    No matter what you do it looks so much nicer then the yellow and green! All in all, BEAUTIFUL home! I hope you post more pictures. It looks amazing! :)
  • Sheila
    I think red is wonderful. Houses, nature and clothing
  • pinkfeather215
    I'm confused...which is the 2013 paint job? The red?
  • PRO
    Shearer Painting
    Yes the red house is the 2013 project.
  • claygirl1
    Love the red, the green not so much, though I do like the idea of an accent colour.
  • cclmnts6

    I'm repainting my wine red house with cream trim and like this color, but I think I would go with a little less blue undertone--burgundy maybe. What color is a good choice for the roof?

  • Red
    Definitely no to the green...stick with white trim and add third color to door if owner desires 3 colors.
  • wnec1
    Red great, green not so much. White trim good.
  • Lauren Getchell
    we had a craftman style house covered in brown shingles and we painted an actual red. Unfortunately, we had to move but the house is still red. Our new house is boring colors.
  • crmzb
    Wonderful choice! Rich, warm, inviting! It makes it look alive.
  • cclmnts6

    I've heard that red fades more quickly than other colors, so red houses have to be painted more often. How often?

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