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Storing water for pond water exchange

June 12, 2018

(I'd have done a search first, but couldn't find that option...)

I've tried storing water for my little ponds (50 and 85 gallons) in a plastic tub (to let the chlorine leech out) but ended up with some ugly kind of algae in it. Where do you get/store water for water exchanges? I use the hose for the pond with no fish, but I don't think my koi pond would appreciate it. Thoughts?

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  • chas045

    I am fortunate to be on a well, so I don't have that issue; and I have a french drain into an extra pond that I call my 'resevette' besides. However, in your case (small volume), I think a rain barrel that collects gutter run off would work well.

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  • grin4joy

    What if you covered it so no sunlight reached the water? I would cut down on any algae.

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  • hydrangeahead Central WI 4b

    I just did 1/3 water exchanges, the same way you do with aquariums. Then I added the chemical that is designed to chelate/bind chlorine and other chemicals. You can buy it at any pet store, and even at Wal-Mart

  • pbsjones

    Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. I was trying to find a way to not have to put something in the water, but I couldn't find a way to let the water de-chlorinate itself without it going gooey.

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