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Need help - zebra haworthia with no roots

I got this haworthia at Walmart in February. I immediately repotted it when I got home because it was in soaking wet peaty soil. When I took it out of its pot I noticed it had very little in the way of roots. They had also buried it pretty deeply in the pot. When I repotted it, I put the soil at the level it should have been and the bottom leaves that had previously been buried ended up shriveling up and dying so I cut them off.

Last week the plant completely fell over in its pot. I didn't have time to investigate until today and it turns out it has NO root system. I've put it in a tiny pot with nothing but perlite. What are the chances of it growing new roots? I'm attaching some photos. It looks wet because I rinsed off the perlite in order to be able to see the base of the plant for the photo.

Thanks for your help,


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