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OH Dear Lord! Zermatt/montblanc Quartzite 1 week old! Stained already!

June 15, 2018
last modified: June 15, 2018

Say it Ain't so!! How can this be?? I researched over and over for a strong slab. It's as hard as a rock!! haha -- Although I'm not laughing now..... It was installed and sealed a week ago. My husband left raspberry container on the counter and I just wiped it up . -- And there it was ---- TWO RASPBERRY CIRCLES!!! WHAT CAN I DO? THEY HAVEN'T EVEN INSTALLED THE MATCHING ISLAND TOP YET??

If I wasn't so defeated my this whole reno, I would work up the energy to cry

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    Has this been sealed?

  • mjammjam

    Not correctly - So I tried a poultice stain remover and I think I made it worse. The sales rep and the fabricator from the stone yard came to my house today to check it out. They are sending a professional to remove the stains I made and then we'll proceed to have it sealed correctly .

  • chispa

    You have to put your whole family on a colorless diet! ;-)

    Glad they are sending someone out to try to fix the stains.

  • mjammjam

    Very funny, Chispa!

    Me too! I hope he can fix it!

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    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    The top stone restoration professionals in the country have stopped offering stone stain removal. Why? Too much risk for too little money.

    This ain't rocket surgery. DIY.

  • boxerpal


    I have been going back and forth on making my decision on counters. And just when I said okay, I am going to do Marble. Your horrible situation stops me in my tracks. I have been researching and trying to find a granite that could work and there is nothing pretty enough.

    What are you going to do? Is there even a sealer that can work? My installer is saying they use Dry-Treat stain proof but it does not stop staining on Marble and you have to sign a waiver. I am truly sorry you are going through this. How frustrating!

    I hope the professionals can get this stain out so you can enjoy your space.


  • mjammjam

    Boxerpal -- I don't like granite either! And I would never get marble after all the horror stories. However, some people have no problems with quartzite. The sales rep who was at my house today said they stand behind their products and will get it resolved. They said that nobody knows how to seal correctly. The directions on the bottle say to leave it for 15 minutes and then buff it off. They told me today that they leave it for a full day before wiping it off, and then let it dry a few days and then do this 2 more times. On my other post, somebody said something similar and that's what I'm going to do if these stains come out. I have a feeling this is not going to be resolved overnight though. They tried to take the stain out today with Bar Keeper's Friend Stain remover but it didn't work. I can't wait to hear from the stain removal guy tomorrow! Yes - it's so frustrating! And I just want it done, but I have to keep waiting.....

  • boxerpal

    My daughter and I tested Ciello de Ivorie and it was essentially bullet proof.. We left red wine and hot sauce...all night long and they all came out except for 2 granites on the right. But it is a bit boring pattern and not really white.. After reading so much drama with stains I think I am going to stick with the Ciello, it is boring but will be around for the long haul.

    : )

    Wishing you lots of joy when they fix your counters.

    Cielo de Ivory, Valley White and Giallo

    I could not get a sample of the Calacatta, Statuarietto marbles or the quartzites to test. Did you test your mount blanc? My installer warned me MOntblanc is a stain magnet. Wishing you success with your counter.


  • mjammjam

    That's Great -- But try lemon and oil stains next. I have a sample piece of White Macaubus and nothing stains it. If they don't get this out, I may go for that again. Mine is called Zermatt but looks similar to Mont Blanc

    Is the bottom photo, the "after" pic? I still see the stains on the first piece. Are they sealed?

  • vinmarks

    In our previous house we installed a granite that was porous. We used Tenax Skudo to seal it. We flooded the counter top with product and let it sit over night. Then we used an electric car buffer to buff it off. In the 14 years we lived there we only repeated this process one additional time. We never had any problems with staining even drips of red wine left overnight.

    I was told the best way to seal stone by Maurizio Bertoli who was a stone expert who used to post on Garden Web long ago. Maybe some of the long time Garden webers remember him.

    mjammjam thanked vinmarks
  • mjammjam

    Great to know that worked, Vinmarks! Thank you!

  • boxerpal

    @ Vinmarks, Oh my gosh... Yes I remember Maurizio... I used to be called boxerpups You are giving me hope for a beautiful counter. I am going to research the Tenax today.

    @Mjammjam, Those granites were sealed according to the stone yard. Sealed but Not by the fabricator. The first one had those marks already so that is color in the stone not from the stains. But I was unable to test the Quartzite or Marbles..

    Here are the Marble stones I love but have a panic attack thinking about what has happened to you.

    I have to make the choice by Friday.... wish me luck in this choice.


  • mjammjam

    Wow Boxer

    Love those! Especially 1 and 3! I don't like the bottom left of the 2nd one. My sister-in-law's friend owns a stone yard and has the Marble Danby. It looked gorgeous for a year and now she regrets it.

    I went through the same exact thing as you. I was all over the marbles until the horror stories talked me out of it. I couldn't find one single granite that I liked, and couldn't bring myself to use quartz. I work with a woman whose husband owns a stone yard and he said that nobody buys the granite anymore like they used to. He himself has the Taj Majal quartzite and has no issues with it 5 years later. He told me the sealer is key and that nobody does it correctly. I'm hoping these guys will remove the stain and seal it well. I'm going to test my sample slab before I commit to keeping it though.

    Good Luck -- I know - it's so frustrating.

  • Jenn Dinosaur-Mom

    Sounds like you need to put the husband on a raspberryless time out until he repents of his countertop staining ways (and never does something like that again!)... ;)

  • chispa

    Is that a male thing? My husband just leaves stuff out too. We are going from dark counters to light counters. It will be interesting to see if he will see his ground coffee and bbq spice spills that will now be visible on a light counter!

    I tested a piece of my Taj Mahal after I had purchased it and it didn't seem to be affected by lemon juice and balsamic vinegar. I put some other stuff on it, that also didn't stain, but it was over a year ago so I don't remember what they were.

  • andria564

    I love #3 as well but cannot find a good alternative that combines the golds.

  • Jenn Dinosaur-Mom

    It might be a male thing, but I don’t let the mister get that much time where he’s free to leave whatever on our granite counters so he can’t end up staining them. They’re like children sometimes...;)

    He also knows better than to get any of my underpinnings mixed in with the rest of the laundry. Or tossed into the dryer! ;)

  • Layne King

    Curious to know if the stain ever came out and if you had any more stains after the fabricators sealed it.

  • mjammjam

    Hi Layne,

    Stains never came out. We got new countertops. We applied our own sealer Miracle 511 after we got the new counter, and I think we need to do it again, I notice some water stains only where the seams of grout are near the faucet. I'm going to let it dry out and then apply more sealer. Otherwise, the tops have been fine --

    Make sure to seal the sides of the slab as well as the top. Maybe that's why I'm seeing water marks where the grout lines meet.

    Good luck

  • mcdb

    Had to look up this post as I placed a couple of slabs on hold of Zermatt. This one has a light cream tone with green hues in veining. Nervous about etching and staining. Let me know what you think. Originally I had a Santorini but thought maybe too busy. Santorini had white and gray tones. I like a creamy warmer hue if it is etch proof.

  • mcdb

    Here is the Zermatt

  • Rachel Nye
    beautiful! I had quartzite similar installed. no etching and red wine over night able to remove with magic eraser.
  • mcdb

    Thank you Rachel. I was getting really nervous. I think the Zermatt is also called Mont Blanc.

  • chispa

    mcdb, did you test the slabs with any of the tests recommended on the karin_mt geology threads? No one can tell you how a slab will act just by seeing a photo.

  • Rachel Nye

    this is the sealer our fabricator uses/recommends. They are having us seal it every couple of months for the first year

  • Rachel Nye
    I ordered it from Amazon
  • mcdb

    Chispa, I did not get a chance to and I'm terrified bebecause they are delivering today to my fabricator.

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