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conifer fashion sense

June 15, 2018

Picea seems to have the best fashion sense when it comes to skirts. Here’s P. ‘Bush’s Lace’. I really like how I’ve artistically adorned it with greenery. ;)

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    maackia thanked Form and Foliage
  • tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱

    I have similar greenery around my plants.


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  • Garen Rees

    My skirt was adorned with dandelion and oxalis. I finally just got around to mulching under it.

  • Garen Rees

    This diva insisted that I extend the bed to make room for her skirt. =)

    maackia thanked Garen Rees
  • stuartlawrence (7b L.I. NY)

    I love the variety Engelmannii 'Bush's lace'. I originally mulched my Bush's Lace but I was afraid that it would turn the lower new growth brown so I removed it. Now I just remove the weeds by hand.

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  • alley_cat_gw
    Looking good !!! Thumbs up!
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  • maackia

    Nice to see there are others who have a few weeds growing in the garden.

    This is P. omorika ‘Gotelli Weeping’, but it could be something else. No matter, it wears it well.

  • sam_md

    'Falling Waters' bald cypress with skirt forming to the left.

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  • Ontario_Canada5a_USDA4b

    " I originally mulched my Bush's Lace but I was afraid that it would turn the lower new growth brown so I removed it."

    Is this browning a general observation?

  • coniferbros

    Frohburg skirting it's way down the slope.

    Can't have too many skirts

  • stuartlawrence (7b L.I. NY)

    " I originally mulched my Bush's Lace but I was afraid that it would turn the lower new growth brown so I removed it."

    "Is this browning a general observation?"

    Ontario, I've noticed over the years that the new growth on some conifers that touches the mulch sometimes browns.

  • Ontario_Canada5a_USDA4b

    Thanks, good to know, I don't have any pendula growers but I do have a couple of prostrate spreaders.

  • Garen Rees

    Maackia - I'm diggin your omorika. I wish mine were that size.

    Sam - That 'Falling Waters' is awesome. I keep forgetting that I need one of these.

    Coniferbros - That puddle of a Picea gluaca 'Pendula' is too cool. You would never expect that to be what it is. Will be interesting to see if retains that crazy flat ground cover form.

    Stuart and Ontario - That's an interesting subject, wether mulching effects skirts. I have some skirts that I've had mulch under that have no problem with it at all but I've also experienced the opposite. I mainly noticed that my newly planted trees or transplanted trees with skirts usually get some browning. Probably due to transplant shock, stressed tree on hot reflective mulch. I think that having mulch under them in the long run is okay but I'm also interested in what others have experienced. I've seen many trees with skirts that are mulched under. Not having mulch can cause mud to splatter and coat needles when it rains that may cause needle loss as well. Curious.

  • maackia

    All spruce except for the Taxodium, which is an amazing specimen. Thanks to everyone for contributing. I’m now off to do some weeding. ;)

  • pete_powell Columbus, O-H!

    How about a juniper on a standard on a mound? :) The deer got this standard good a few years ago (>60%) but it is going strong. Bonus volunteer peonies this year as well in front left of juniper. I threw the cottonwood stump in a low wet area and its growing like crazy now as this area fills up after heavy rains(all trees on large mounds). Pic from 5/29.

  • FrozeBudd_z4

    Pete, I've been looking for a juniper standard, yours is an especially good looking, what variety might it be? You also have a nice selection of plants going on behind there!

  • pete_powell Columbus, O-H!

    Thanks! Its nothing fancy, just Juniperis procumbens ‘nana’ on standard. Here is another angle showing how I had to redirect its branches with a stake when I discovered volunteer peonies coming up under it. This is my mini “on standards” garden (dwarf globe spruce, blue star juniper, and the juniperis procumbens nana). The “on standards” garden also has a papoose spruce and arborvitae forever goldy which are not on standard. Not sure if Im gonna move or heavily prune the forever goldy.

  • liono9_zone6b

    Coniferbros your second pic shows conifers growing over stone, does it cause any problem during hot summer months with rock getting too hot?? I really like the look and wanna copy .

  • coniferbros

    liono9: The skirt forming conifers seem to prefer the gravel, in my experience. Most of my beds are mulched, and some of the skirts will occasionally get brown tips if conditions are right. The ones in the gravel though I have never experienced this issue. The rock probably has a better ability to moderate the temperature versus wood mulch. Copy away :)

  • liono9_zone6b

    Awesome, I’ll share pics after I finish .

  • whaas_5a

    Only real men show off their skirts!

    Sorry just have older pics...

    Pendula Bruns

    The Blues

    Gold Drift

    P. glauca Pendula

  • maackia

    Whaas, those are fantastic! Also, ‘The Blues’ staking is interesting. My effort at staking is not nearly so artistic.

  • whaas_5a

    Yeah I cetainly spent a lot of time staking plants....not so much now as I just let them go free range!

  • sam_md

    Earlier on this thread there was a question about conifers on stone. Here juniper grows over stone, perfectly happy, no issues.

  • maackia

    Sam, that is a nice pic. All commercial plantings should be so splendid.

  • Sara Malone Zone 9b

    I thought that when you were talking about conifer fashion, you meant something more like this:

    Conifer Couture

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