Please vote!! Which kitchen floor should I got with?

June 18, 2018

Please help! I need to decide which kitchen floor to go with!

Here are my thoughts...I have a small kitchen (150 sq. feet), with lunar pearl countertops and hickory cabinets, both installed before I moved in. New stainless steel appliances are not installed yet.

The flooring really needs to be replaced and I've come up with two final choices.

1--Should I go with all black tile, either black granite or black glossy porcelain? This approach I feel would really tie in well with the lunar countertops.


2--Should I go with a large rectangular black tile inlay with an oak floor bordering it? I have oak floors running throughout the main floor, so this 2nd approach would have two advantages.

A--It would bring the oak floor into the kitchen and would tie the main floor together.

B--It would break up the black tile, which I'm thinking might be too overpowering in such a small area.

What do you all think? Please vote!!

All Black Granite Tile
All Glossy Black Porcelain Tile
Oak Border with Black Granite Inlay
Oak Border with Black Porcelain Inlay

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  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    you could also do a black porcelain, large hex, and feather it into the oak like this

    (or the hex w/the oak border will work too, but the feathering is really cool)

    or these Hex Dipped cement tiles

    slate or porcelain laid in a herringbone, or laid on the diagonal

    or a basalt or a porcelain that looks like basalt.

    these are 8x48, matte porcelain tiles. Jasper, from tilebar.com

    I don't know that I'd use 12x12 granite squares. those are very dated looking.

    as a suggestion, remove the ivy from around the window and paint the walls a pale aqua, a charcoal, or black. the brick color isn't working anymore. And perhaps switch out that sconce for something like this: (comes in black or metallic colors too)

    TOCL&H thanked Beth H. :
  • miss lindsey (still misses Sophie)

    Can I vote for herringbone porcelain?

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  • TOCL&H

    Thanks, Beth for your thoughts. Yes, I had wondered if the ivy needed to change! The casement window had seemed so bare without anything around it...but maybe I shouldn't worry. And the lighting is definitely going to change! Great tile suggestions. Thanks to lindsey for your vote!! I really favor the herringbone pattern. I hadn't even thought of it!

  • Nicole R Dsp
    Black floors, cleaning considered? That feathered look is really cool!
    TOCL&H thanked Nicole R Dsp
  • ElleN
    I would just run wood throughout the entire kitchen. Or a light white/grey tile. Black is the wrong choice for a small kitchen with dark cabinets and countertops.
    TOCL&H thanked ElleN
  • athomeeileen
    I have black floors, they suck up all the light so be sure to have plenty of lighting. They also show every crumb in the kitchen. I would never put in black floors. Unfortunately I can’t change them as there’s 3800 sq ft of heated black slate. Reconsider your color!
  • smit2380

    I don’t mind the way black looks, but dark floors are hard for me to keep them looking clean.

    TOCL&H thanked smit2380
  • TOCL&H

    Thanks Nicole and smit2380. I'd wondered about the cleaning aspect of black too, but I think I'm prepped for it. Hopefully, I don't live to regret that!

    ElleN, I'd wondered about just wood or a light white/grey tile too. The wood just really doesn't seem to do a lot as far as bringing the entire kitchen together. The white/light grey pulls wonderfully from the countertop, but against the hickory cabinets, it just doesn't look great. Tricky choices!

  • ElleN
    A taupey gray that matches the lightest color in your granite would both work well, but I know it's hard to find. Honestly your carpet color is great if you can match that, lol.

    I think wood would work if you are willing to paint out the red. The red contributes to the dark and overly warm feel. A very light grey will do wonders, and let that granite shine.
    TOCL&H thanked ElleN
  • Nicole R Dsp
    Sounds good! If you have pets be cautious! My girlfriend has beautiful dark hardwood floors that literally show EVERY dog hair within no time. To keep them looking beautiful and clean she literally vacuums or sweeps twice a day. Granted she’s OCD, lol, but truly...you can see everything on them. I was leaning that route for our new place but one afternoon in her house steered me clear! If your lifestyle works for them I look forward to seeing pictures, they sure are stunning!
  • ElleN
    Nicole, buy her a Rhoomba knockoff. They're $200 on Amazon and will change your life. Seriously. Every new puppy should just come with one.
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    ElleN,,,do those knock-offs work just as well? I really want one but that $600 price tag is just, wow.

  • ElleN
    I have an ILife A4s. it's not sold anymore but the newer version is currently $160 on Amazon. It works amazing. My mom has a Rhoomba and there is effectively no difference in actual cleaning capability. This one isn't as "smart" (limited scheduling options and you have to physically block it's way out of the room), but it does the basics beautifully. Personally I'd rather save $400 and just run it in the morning while I get ready, or at night while I cook, so I can keep an eye on it. My cousin has one now and with her 2 toddlers is equally obsessed. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y56NDF4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_D6ukBbNSFQK65
  • Nicole R Dsp
    Ellen, I don’t think it’ll work with malamute hair! I have two malamutes and we’ve talked about it but I think it’s just too much hair.
  • Mrs. S

    Nicole, just get 2 of them. Ellen is right. They work great.

  • ElleN
    Nicole, as long as you run them every day they can keep up with almost anything. Its pretty impressive.

    OP- sorry for hijacking your post!
  • Pugga70

    I voted for the oak with granite inlay, although I really love the suggestions made by Beth H for the basalt or matte tiles. Let us know your choice. Your kitchen will be cute and cozy!!

  • ci_lantro

    Glossy anything tile--check the COE of the tile (coefficient of friction). Glossy and water usually not a good combo. Research for a good orthopedist and put their number in your phone.

    Black? Seriously?? I have a black slate foyer. Came with the house. Impossible to keep looking clean. Five minutes after cleaning, needs to be done all over again.

    Really sucks up light but not quite enough light to hide the lint, dirt, pine needles, dog hair....

  • Anna (6B/7A in MD)

    My mother has a black floor with black grout in her kitchen (white cabinets with black pulls). It looks fantastic but she no longer has pets. And this kitchen gets a lot of light. I would lay down black plastic garbage bags or large sheets of black paper to get an idea of how much this would darken your space.

  • hummingalong2
    Another vote for the herringbone slate!
  • PRO
    Glo European Windows & Doors

    I really would not do black granite tile or anything with a gloss, which feels very dated to me.

    I agree with the above suggestion for herringbone slate --that's my vote!

  • xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska

    Ditto herringbone slate or lighter color. Another question: Would black draw the eye to the floor rather than highlight the beautiful kitchen itself? Agree small places don't do well in dark colors. I LOVE< LOVE<LOVE the kitchen with the wood cabinets.

  • TOCL&H

    Thanks all for continuing to give advice! Anna (6B/7A in MD), your advice on laying down black paper was a good one. I did so, and it is looking pretty dark. I do have one nice big window, which helps, but I'm just not sure it's enough.

    xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska, thanks for your thoughts! I definitely do want to let the kitchen shine, and you're right, the black floor might act like a magnet for the eye.

    I wish I could find a lighter color tile that I loved that would pull the countertop and kitchen together. White is an option, but I typically just don't care for it--maybe I could find a white that was a bit pearlized?

    I'm just not 100% certain I've hit upon it yet. Does anyone have any other ideas??

    I'm open to different sizes of tiles, although I don't care for the mosaic look or for hex tiles. The home is historic, so I'm also looking for something that isn't modern or trendy. I didn't think tile hunting would be this hard!

  • SJ McCarthy

    A blue-based floor will REALLY show off the cabinetry (gold wood LOVES to work with blue...it is STUNNING!!!) as well as work well with the counter top. Don't worry about the black graining in the counter top. It won't matter that you do not have a perfect colour match with floor/counter.

    So long as the floors are dark(ish), the counter will do all the work to bring them together. I love the look of blue slate floors. You can work with a porcelain tile that looks like slate. That's not a problem.

    And the blue floors will look beautiful up against the oak flooring as well. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how well blue+gold wood looks. It is quite stunning.

    And please find another paint colour - the terracotta+peach+green vine look died in the 80's. It is time for a paint update.

  • TOCL&H

    What about something like this? This is Glacier Ice Marble Effect Tile from Porcel Thin. Unfortunately, they are a UK company. What do you all think? Does anyone know of a similar tile from the states?

  • ElleN
    What about something with subtle accents of light grey and silver? Or even a very classic small mosaic pattern, maybe accented with blue instead of black to bring out the cabinets more.
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    no to that marble look tile. it's too bathroom-ish.

    I tried another Slate in a herringbone. slate comes in diff shades of black or gray. if you did it w/a lighter grout, it'd look like this. Painting your walls white and losing the stuff around the window and cabinets will make it appear lighter. right now that dark red and tan paint is sucking up light.

    this is Montauk slate. a little lighter

    another option is to do the black slate in the center, and border it w/your wood flooring,,,hard to see it well, but similar to this idea.

    you could also take some white or light gray hex tiles and do them around the base of the cabinets, bringing in your other wood or this similar wood to your cab color.

    these 10" hex tiles, porcelain, in a blueish gray color.

    this pic, below, shows you what a larger hex tile would look like, once laid. imagine using all of the white or gray, or the two mixed just slightly. This is so much better than those polished marble look tiles. those won't work w/your kitchen.

    And this one I tried to show you a white porcelain tile in a herringbone layout.

    lastly, marmoleum tiles: In one color only. not this pattern!

    TOCL&H thanked Beth H. :
  • Mrs. S

    A wood border around a kitchen? I wouldn't do that. You need different cleaning products, and I sure wouldn't want to deal with it. I'd want a neutral floor, just like the slate everyone likes, and I'd do a matching grout, or just enough of a difference to see the herringbone pattern.

    TOCL&H thanked Mrs. S
  • PRO
    Bourke Construction Inc.

    Matching wood floor, using black tile in such a small area would be to overwhelming to the eye.

    TOCL&H thanked Bourke Construction Inc.
  • suezbell

    Wouldn't mix wood and tile in a kitchen; better to stay with tile.

    Dark/light checkerboard squares … nope.

    Better to stay with a medium shade of gray floor tiles from within your countertop.

    Something like this might be worth considering:


    TOCL&H thanked suezbell
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    Suezbell,,,ok,,for the record,,,I didn't say use checkerboard. I mentioned marmoleum or linoleum tiles. I posted a pic of the colors to show what a black, white/gray would look like in that material. I never said "do it like they have in this picture!" of course that's too busy. she would pick ONE of those colors and do a solid layout. Perhaps I should have made that clearer.

    and btw Bourke, this would not be 'overwhelming' to the eye

  • TOCL&H

    Thanks to all for taking time to give ideas--it helps!!

    I think I'm hesitating a bit because I'm feeling as if a black/grey might be a bit heavy for the small area. I'm leaning towards trying to locate an oyster/pearl white tile. I'm hoping that it will be complementary and beautiful in it's own right, but not conflicting.

    And don't worry, the ivy is gone, and new paint is being avidly discussed. =)

  • Anna (6B/7A in MD)

    I have Marmoleum tiles and love them in my kitchen. Other than cork tiles, these are probably the most comfortable when standing for long periods of time. Good luck with your choices!

  • TOCL&H

    OK everyone. I did LOTS of looking today and LOTS of thinking. Can you all look at two photos? (Sorry for the bad photoshopping job.) Absolute Black granite in the 1st, and Valencia White in the 2nd. The white has some grey hints in it. I know the granite is not a modern choice, but given our home, I've decided I'm just not drawn to some of the other choices, beautiful though they be. What do you think between these two?? (Stainless dishwasher is yet to be installed.)

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    I actually do like the black. is there a reason you have to have that granite (and those 12x12 tiles really, really, 1998) and not the slate, or black porcelain? what about similar black tiles, but in a 16x16 or 12x24 size?

    everyone loved this idea,,,you don't like it?

    this is a polished porcelain. what about something like this?

    they even have porcelain like this

    TOCL&H thanked Beth H. :
  • Nicole R Dsp
    Black can look great. But that looks soooo dated
  • TOCL&H

    Sorry I didn't mention this--we're not wanting to go with the 12 x12--it was just a handy pic that I found to give an idea of the color. We really love the glossy, so that's part of the reason we were drawn to the granite. We debated between the porcelain and the granite, and thought that because we live in a historic home, the granite might be a bit more timeless. Thoughts?? If we go with the granite, but not in the 12 x 12, maybe that would work?

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    no. they never had granite squares 100 years ago. marble maybe, in the very upper end homes. what size did you want to do? I posted a glossy black porcelain tile. do you not like that?

  • TOCL&H

    That's true. I was thinking either a 24 x24 or a 12 x24. We really have debated about the porcelain. I know it sounds odd to say, but it's almost too polished looking. The granite just seemed to have a depth that was lacking in the porcelain. Does that make sense?

    Unfortunately it's late here, so I'm off to bed, but will check and see what you think in the morning. Thanks!!

  • ElleN
    Glossy is really, really 80s. Square is really dated also, go with the elongsted. At least if you go white the shiny tile won't be such a feature like the black would be.
  • ElleN
    What about travertine floors? They are shiny, but also have a softness and variation to balance them out.
  • PRO
    Schoeman Construction

    I wouldn't go with a solid color, I think either way it would look dated unless the shape of the tile is modern. Why not a porcelain tile that looks like wood grain? I have gray porcelain tile that looks like wood in my kitchen and I love it.

    TOCL&H thanked Schoeman Construction
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    black wood look tile, Skoven, Nero

    or, actual black stained wood, Provenza.

    TOCL&H thanked Beth H. :
  • TOCL&H

    Oh, wow! I LOVE the black wood floor idea. Thank you!! I can't believe it never occured to me. It's the 1st time I'm really feeling excited about a floor possibility! I'd definitely go with actual wood stained black vs the wood tile. What does everyone think?

  • robinhome

    Don't do the white squares! I like the black wood and most of the black/gray photos Beth posted above.

    TOCL&H thanked robinhome
  • ElleN
    I'm a little concerned about putting different wood up against your existing wood floors. If you make sure they're definitely black, not just really dark brown, then it might be ok. Might also want to consider something like a white marble boarder to separate them.
    The other thing you could do is buy unfinished wood and paint it Black. I think the painted finish will look like you've added to the wood in the kitchen, rather than just mismatched woods in your home.
    TOCL&H thanked ElleN
  • PRO
    Dan Madrid's Custom Coatings

    Considering the fact that you have a small amount of square footage in your kitchen respectively.

    I would choose a light color that way it optically opens up your square footage.

    hope this is helpful

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