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yellow camellia hybrid survive in the PNW ?

June 20, 2018

I have this nitidissima hybrid, Ki no Senritsu, planted out in the ground in the Pacific Northwest (zone 8a).

It hasn't been growing as vigorously or doing nearly so well as all my other japonicas.

Nitidissima is a tropical to subtropical camellia species and that lack of hardiness appears to carry over to its hybrids. This variety is supposed to be a hybrid developed in Japan between nitidissima and a japonica.

The research I've dug up says this is only good down to 8b, but that's on the East Coast which has cold snaps and sometimes freak cold winters. It will be interesting to see if this variety can survive here. It would be a novelty to have a "tropical" yellow color camellia.

I also have some special cold hardy varieties of citrus and pomegranates growing outside, so it's not a big stretch to imagine this subtropical yellow camellia might be able to make it.

Comment (1)

  • luis_pr

    If you can provide a micro-climate where it can flourish, that would be great! ;o)) I will be glad to send you some of the heat that we currently have if you think it will help raise your zone from 8a to 8b. Hee hee hee! PS - cut off some of the weeds so they do not compete with the camellia.

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