Options for installing a gate in a 5 ft. gap

2 years ago

We just bought a house that is almost entirely fenced in (thanks to our neighbors) except for a 5 ft. gap on the left and a 5 ft. gap on the right. One of the major reasons we bought a house is so we can let the dog in the yard, but with those gaps it is not secure for her.

We want to install a gate on each side. I was hoping for a vinyl privacy gate, which I know is a bit more expensive than chain link, but I like that it is solid so the dog can't peer out. However, nothing is more expensive than the installation costs. I have gotten many, many quotes and the range has been from $1300 (handyman) to $2500! For 10 ft. of fence.

My husband wants to take a crack at this himself, but he is not handy at all. He and a friend are going to try to bumble through the installation. I am wondering, with the space we need to fill being so small, is there something we can do besides a traditional chain link, vinyl, aluminum fence installation? For the record, we live in the Chicago area, so extreme temperatures are a part of the equation. I feel like we just need to pay a professional so this is done right the first time, but hubby wants to avoid the cost (understandable, considering we are already over budget from the other renovations). Is there an outside the box solution for our conundrum?

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