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Horizontal fence and neighbors

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hello -- I live in an urban area where everyone has small backyards and the fences divide the property lines.

We'd like to replace our current backyard vertical fence with a horizontal fence. The issue is that all the fences on the block are vertical fences, and our neighbors to each side don't want to have one side of their fence be horizontal when everything else is vertical.

Currently we see the "good" side of the fence in that our neighbors see the fence posts and stringers that the fence boards attach to. Is it possible to build a fence that is vertical on one side and horizontal on the other? Meaning I could flip all the vertical fence boards and stringers to their side of the posts, then on my side I could attach horizontal boards to the fence posts.

Would this work? Is there anything I should worry about with this approach?

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