How to Determine if Complete Roof Replacement is Necessary?

bijan pahlavan
July 2, 2018

How to Determine if Complete Roof Replacement is Necessary?

There was a recent storm in our area and now the roofing companies are making the rounds and selling complete roof replacement in the neighborhood. Several neighbors had their house roofs replaced this way. We were persuaded to have an inspection and were told that the roof needs a complete replacement.

This is the email we got from the roofing company:

“Good Morning,

After the inspection on your property we have concluded that the damages caused from the major storm on 3/2/2018 require a full roof replacement.

We are able to file a claim with your homeowners insurance and they will cover the roof replacement based on the damages that we will meet and discuss with them.

Please call me, Robert, when you have reviewed these photos and I will advise to you the next steps.”

I was checking the area around the house a few days after the inspection and saw a few roofing shingles on the grass. I was not sure if they had fallen during the storm or if the inspector was fiddling and saw them loose and just toss them down.

I will post the photos below.

My questions are these:

Looking at the photos does it look like a complete roof replacement is necessary?

The guy who inspected the roof said that the shingles are discontinued and so I guess that is one reason for complete roof replacement since identical shingles are not available.

If we decided to go ahead with complete roof replacement, how should we handle it with the insurance company. Can we ask the insurance company to give us the money and then we decided who is going to get the job? Or should we just let the roofing company and the insurance company handle everything? My background is in automotive and in case of accidents when the insurance and body shop handle everything, in my opinion there is a conflict of interest there. I assume the same goes for roofing.

Can we ask and would it be covered by insurance to do some extra work like gutter cleaning, or installation of leaf proof gutters?

Should we consider some other work such as solar panel installation or other things that I am not aware of while the roof is being installed? In other words what other work is good to have done at this time while a roof is being installed?

The house is a Centex built in 2002 and to our knowledge no complete roof installation has every been done since it was built.

Are there any other pertinent questions or information?

Thank you for your inputs.

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