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Black spots on leaves of Salvia Greggi??

Jen Littell-Allen
July 4, 2018
Any ideas on what the cause could be? Some areas of die back as well. Planted on mother's day. We do have red clay, but this bed was raised and amended with top soil, some compost, and mulched well.

Comments (4)

  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    Where are you located? What is soil moisture like? Did you only amend the planting hole or the whole bed? If you water, is it drip or hose or? How often do you water? Has there been rain and if so frequent? Is it humid where you are?

    it looks generally fungal to me, and I grow them here in pots (since they aren’t winter hardy in NH) that are on the dry side.

  • Jen Littell-Allen
    I live in 7b, slightly SW of ATL. We get plenty of rain & humidity. Should I spray with fungicide, or just let it continue to struggle? I purchased them as I read in a regional planting guide that Salvia Greggii was suitable for this climate.
  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    Since I haven’t had this issue and my growing conditions are so different from yours, I don’t know how to handle it other than to remove any dead stems and leaves and put them in the trash rather than compost or yard waste. There is a Georgia gardening forum that may be more help if no one from the Salvia forum weighs in. Or there is a general perennials forum that may have someone with expertise since it is quite busy.



  • Embothrium

    Your sage plant looks like it is dwindling away, probably due to climate and soil conditions - entire branches are shriveling in addition to the bacterial or fungal leaf spot. As far as specific disease identification goes try the nearest branch office of the USDA Cooperative Extension Service. Searching "Georgia extension" will probably bring up the State site, where you can find out where the branch offices are and when they are open.

    If the one source had correct regional climate adaptation information probably it was true in those cases where the right soil was present. It would not surprise me if you would need to be starting with a sandy or otherwise not clay-like soil to be able to expect good results from a plant like this in your climate.

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