Whole Fish as Fertilizer-Best way to mask smell from digging critters

Hello! I'm new to gardening and would like to bury an entire fish about 12 " inside my raised bed garden. I was watching Hollis & Nancy's Homestead on youtube and they use pulverized dolomitic lime to cover the fish smell. (Awesome couple and channel.) :)

I would like to go as organic as possible and our local nurseries only carry pelletized organic lime. Do you think I could use coffee grounds instead to cover up odor and deter any digging critters?

Thank you!

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  • Embothrium
    last year
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    Dogs will dig that deep to pull up garbage. I'd think nothing is going to keep an animal with a nose like theirs from smelling something like a decomposing fish. Maybe you should just use organic fertilizer instead.

    Even then there can be problems with scavenging animals digging where blood meal, bone meal and maybe even fish emulsion have been applied. So a whole fish will probably really bring them.

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