Observation about seed sources of native plants

2 years ago

I just wanted to share what is probably an obvious observation. Please don't tell me how dumb it is (lol).

I have native sourced allium cernuum, seed collected from my native state (Arkansas) and I have some I grew out from a packet from Select Seeds, which is located in CT. I don't know the geographic location of the parent plants, but I suspect the NE.

Ok, five or so years later (3rd year of flowering on the SS plant), it flowered back in May and the seeds have not only ripened but the stalks have rotted, though it does have basal leaves resprouting.

My Arkansas sourced plants, are just now showing tiny buds about 3-4 inches high and will open in late July or August. Seeds will ripen just before frost probably, September I'd say.

I laid this out just to show you how different the two selections are with regard to flowering time. No one knows just how genetically different they are, but this implies probably quite disjunct.

One more obvious thing is that the Arkansas plants tend toward pale pinks, in fact, I've never seen one in Arkansas with a rich color.

The northern plants have a much more vibrant deep pink with maroon and even bluish shadings. I have to say they're much more decorative than the locally occuring.

Anyway, hope someone enjoyed my diatribe.

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