Just found out our new house has deeply slanted ceiling in master bath

Amy Martin
last year
We are under contract for a $830k house in Atlanta, GA. The builder just put up drywall, so we went to visit the house today, we noticed one side of the master bathroom is deeply slanted and ceiling is really low on that side. See the pictures (my husband is 6’ tall).

This slanted ceiling makes the bathroom feel really crammed and narrow, and we are worried that no only we won’t like the bathroom, it will also impact future resale value.

Anyone has any advice in terms of future resale value of this house because of this slanted ceiling in master bath? Would you purchase a house with this type of master bath? ($800k+ homes in Atlanta are considered higher end homes).

We are in shock this was never disclosed to us during the sales process and are torn whether to go forward with this house or not.

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