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Holiday Cactus Repotting And Sunburn Care Q

Ms Saint Pierre
July 14, 2018
last modified: July 14, 2018

Hi there,
About 6 months ago I placed one of the 'leaves' that had fallen off my holiday cactus into the soil of a dying plant I had been gifted but was not worth keeping alive (sorry buddy!). I just wanted to see if it would hold. Well, it turns out it looks like its done pretty well! But I should repot the plant at this time since the plant I was gifted was a dry soil loving succulent. My question now is, should I break up the pieces of this current plant and spread them out over a pot so that it grows/look like most holiday cactus plants I see?
Secondly, the mother plant of this offshoot has recently recieved some poor care. I left the plant outside for a few days on accident. Some leaves are pale green, some have red around them; both of which are telltale signs of sunburn from what I can gather. Should I prune back this plant so that it only has dark green leaves or should I let it be? I think it may also be time to buy some fertilizer for this plant. Its a few years old. In short, look at the photos and give me some advice please! Thanks :)

Comments (2)

  • Ms Saint Pierre
    my photo didnt post! Left is offshoot. Right is mother plant. Theyre next to each other so you can see the discoloration from the mother plant.

  • Sans2014

    How is the plant now?

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